Wanna buy a Dodge? Pawpaw’s 1940 Dodge 4 door sedan for sale


Hugh Paxton’s Blog can assure anybody who wants to buy a 1940s Dodge that I know a man who has one. It’s in tip top condition and gleaming (my brother’s just cleaned it). You don’t get the current owner thrown in. You’d only throw him out again! One heck of an opportunity if you like a car that looks like a …like a…like a 1940s Dodge! Incidentally I’m not getting commission on this sale and I’m on the other side of the world so don’t bother me. Bother my brother at the following address

Over to esteemed brother Charles in America’s deep south!

Here is some local news that you may find interesting. Yesterday we washed Pawpaw’s 1940 Dodge 4-door sedan and photographed it for a For Sale notice.

It is a very striking machine with a throaty roar. Dad may well fondly remember seeing such things.

We polished it up and went to the print shop while lightning flashed and then came home in a deluge.

I then BBQd a batch of Hickory-smoked sausage with green onions.

Pawpaw observed that if a volcano goes off in your belly then it’s likely to be that sausage that’s responsible.

Very true!

Love from Charles and Kimmie XXXXX

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