Thai Days: Dawn of The Planet of the Apes


Hugh Paxton’s Blog braved the monsoon and very little Bangkok traffic. It is the beginning of Buddhist Lent so no beer and no traffic.

The lack of beer was slightly disappointing but the absence of traffic? Most welcome!

My daughter and I went to see The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at The Emporium.

I go with her to the cinema for several reasons. If I don’t, she’ll be grumpy. If I don’t, I’ll miss out on intimate time with my daughter, moments precious never to be recovered or repeated. If I don’t I’ll have to stay at home and work editing a document about oil palms and forest destruction in Sabah.

Also I can normally sneak in a pre-movie Mojito at the Robin Hood pub (in this case impossible, those killjoy Buddhists! No beer! No mojitos! They want to be Muslims or what?)

If the movie is a disaster I can have a relaxing nap. Bangkok cinema seats are so comfortable that one can doze off even during the never ending trailers with their booms and bangs.

I fell asleep during the Emporium move theatre “turn your cellphone off” blitz and was nudged back into life when the anthem to the King came on. Everybody stood up and looked solemn. Everybody has to stand up.

We stood up and heard the King’s Anthem and watched His Majesty.

He looked in good shape. Certainly better than an Isuzu advert.

Then we sat down, there was a rustle of anticipation, a brief pause and then in came the APES!

Brilliant! From minute one!

I have been watching Planet of the Apes movies for years and despising them for their appalling special effects and cruddy masks and lack of anything convincing. The early apes looked like my daughter, Annabel. When she was three years old and dressing up for a party. Lamentable!

This latest version? Spectacular! The apes are brilliant! They look like apes! The action is non stop. The end is sad. Really!

It took them three years to put it together and that’s three years well spent! This Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie gets a Hugh Paxton’s Blog Five Star rating. But watch it on the big screen. Ideally in 3-D. This adventure will dwindle on DVD.


Hugh in Bangkok!

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