FThai Days: No beer and Buddhist lent


Chang has supplied Hugh Paxton’s Blog with an inspiring image of Buddha. He travelled across a river and spent time listening to monks and abstaining from all evil. His timing is precise. It is Buddhist Lent here. Alcohol sales have resumed but there was a dry two days as The Kingdom became religious. I can go for a couple of days without a beer and it probably does me good. But there’s something about religion (any religion) that fails to satisfy me.

I don’t understand why Asia has so many million Buddhas covered in gold or forgotten in strangling vines. Call me simple but building things that look like Buddha and smearing the effigies with gold and building bigger ones and applying more gold…I’m not sure that’s what Buddha was talking about. I don’t think that Buddha looked like most of the Buddha images we see.

I’m not knocking Buddhism. As religions go it has less flaws than most. It’s a kind religion (unless the Buddhists are bashing Muslims in Myanmar and going on murder sprees – I’m with them on the Muslim bashing actually, the Muslims started it and should reap the whirlwind the intolerant bastards! ) but overall I find Buddhists worthy of my respect. I just don’t really think that these silly pagodas and pretentious statues advance the spiritual cause. If you are a proper Buddhist perhaps you don’t need all this?

Personally I think religion has created as many wonders as it has created atrocities. Christianity has raised great churches and inspired magnificent music. Islam has forged ahead, art and among other things, the idea of creating wine and mathematics education for people who don’t have beards. Both now banned under Sharia law.

I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in anything that has a God involved. But if somebody does believe in God I don’t want to waste time in a fruitless argument. Chang went to that Buddha and came back happy.

Good for him! Being happy is the main thing!


Hugh in Bangkok

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