Thai Days: FW: BBC News: ‘Deep shock’ over Malaysia jet crash


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that this is the time to book a flight with Malaysia’s flag carrying airline! Nobody else will be doing it, you’ll have elbow room, plenty of space, three hundred meals to eat, and the in-flight staff will be very attentive because they will be under-worked and scared rigid.

Just because a plane’s been shot down and another one has vanished without trace doesn’t mean the airline is incompetent. Or incapable of flying you to your destination and delivering you intact with all your luggage. I suspect that the ticket price has become attractive. Don’t desert this airline! I’ve flown with them frequently and haven’t been killed or dunked into the depths of the Indian ocean and eaten by gigantic crabs in the sun-less seabed.

The food I recall – rather good! I have always liked the stewards and stewardesses. The pilot chatter “Sit back and relax” has been short and comforting, but most importantly, short, and I rate the airline service as superior to many of its competitors.

These chaps are just having a run of bad luck. I’m flying to London on Sunday – not with Air Malaysia – but if I could, I would.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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