Thai Days: We are off on Sunday


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is off to England on Sunday. We are in predictable disarray. A few nights in London and my schedule could comfortably bother a month with overbookings.

The problem with London is that there is too much to do. And most of it is really expensive!

My friend, Quentin Drew, currently based in Hong Kong and involved in ship insurance and pirate attacks, once spoke wise words. “England is the best country in the world if you have money.” Quentin is one of Britain’s finest exports. Speaks a lot of languages, wears a pink silk suit and runs a Big Band. And busts pirates.

He’s right. As usual. England is the best country in the world. If you’ve got money.

I think we do have enough money and I’m looking forward to hurling my daughter full frontal into London! She’s not seen London before, not properly, and we are going to do the thing right and if we end up penniless and wrapping ourselves in newspaper under the arches next to a drenched flock of driveling Scottish drunks it will just be part of it!

I shall keep you up to date with ANNABEL DOES ENGLAND!

Tomorrow HUGH WILL DO BANGKOK again. I think England will probably be more interesting but I love Bangkok.

Cheers from here! Hugh

PS We are living in a police state, we are oppressed by a military junta, and I’ve been counting.

In my Bangkok excursions I have seen no police, not one. No army. Nothing. Tanks? Give me a break! Not a tank in site or on site or in sight! This is the mildest coup in history. The Chinese tourists are still abstaining from Thailand because they think they’ll be shot. I’d like to shoot them but that’s not political – it’s a Hugh China thing. Thailand is just the same and as lovely as ever. Don’t let security warnings put you off. Bullshine. This is a lovely country!

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