Thai Days: My cat


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has had enough feedback about Brigitte’s jackals or ratels or rachels or whatever they are called. Everybody in Thailand finds them cute. Are they being polite? Or are they just simple minded! I opt for the latter.

My dog is frequently described as cute, too. And it is. When it’s banged up in its cage and isn’t eating my cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches as soon as my back is turned for three seconds.

I loathe my dog!

And I’m not, currently, overly delighted with my cat.

It has just urinated on not one but two suitcases I have been packing. Anxiety? Territorial markings? I’ve no idea and really don’t care for motive, purpose or excuses. My room is a stench. Of dog. And cat. And I’m running out of suitcases.

When I leave Bangkok tomorrow I will smell horrible, wear a sickly grin, miss the city – but I won’t miss my dog (unless we get lucky and the taxi gets into bulls eye mode whacks the mutt full frontal and smashes Buggly to a hash) and the cat can go feed a python. They are in monsoon mode and are sliding quietly out of the canal behind our house looking for prey.

Our rat, named Ratnee? He ate his mate. My beloved daughter, Annabel explained that Ratnee didn’t really eat his mate just skinned its head and had a go at cracking its skull to access the brains and sludgy bits “Because it was sick.”

Yes. Highly likely. Just makes you want to hug cuddly little Ratnee! So cute! Cannibal rats! So fluffy!

My fish have no power of speech and that is why I like them.

I’m off to find another suitcase. Then my passport. If the dog’s chewed it, the cat’s peed on it, or Ratnee has shredded it, I will slay!

I told Chang to kill all my pets (apart from the fish) while we are away and provide plausible excuses on our return but he’s too damn Buddhist and thinks (arghhhh!) that they are cute! So no help from the Burmese! We get the pets. Can’t get the staff!



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