Thai Days: Party Time and a pub quizz!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog attended a great party last night. One of those parties that have conversations going all over the place and really crummy food, utterly awful! and warm beer.

Herge was gay? Tin Tin a Nancy? I wasn’t having that! Argument one!

King Arthur was Belgian? Maps appeared to prove this theory. Argument two!

Talk surged from continent to continent and argument to argument! I thought I’d been everywhere and was feeling smug but with this mob it really wasn’t possible. Everybody had been everywhere, too! Everybody had been shot or been fired or set on fire and been shot or had died of cholera twice and it was that sort of thing.

Timothy Boyle, the evil swine I was sitting next to was a pub quiz horror. He looked me in the eye, I blinked, afraid, and he asked me to name a word that contained three consecutive double letters.

The nice thing about parties like these is that there are beautiful women present, with brains. I looked at the nearest beautiful woman and she and I watched this quiz man. I decided to change the subject. You remind me of Teodor Eicke. I told him. Good old Teodor . A serious Nazi. This got him intrigued and gave us valuable time. He didn’t look anything like Eicke. No resemblance at all! But it took him time to discover he didn’t look like Eicke. It didn’t help us much but Sarah was thinking.

Tim doesn’t let go. But after he had established that he didn’t look like Teodor he began to deliver clues. There is humanity in Tim. Sarah has a valuable mind, and mine from time to time, sparks. But this question was becoming harder and harder. The more I looked at Sarah for an answer the more I thought about her beautiful nose and the eyes! And the more I forgot about the question.

“It’s something in Welsh,” I said, breaking the Sarah spell. Tim’s Welsh and deserves all the jokes that come at his nations’s expense. Most of the best Welsh jokes come from Welshmen. A bit like Ireland, Scotland and England in that regard. For some reason we like laughing at ourselves. Perhaps because we really are rather funny as well as being tragic.

Anyway, this was a wild guess and was wrong. Tim looked at me with contempt. “Horses,” he suggested. That made me turn back to Sarah. That face! Exquisite! What a beautiful nose! This woman is enchanting!


“Books,” suggested Tim.

Sarah, and I, knew Tim was helping and he thought that we were both idiots. Horses. Books. Sarah. How the hell can you concentrate on a quiz when you’ve got a Sarah right there and a Tim right behind you? Beauty and the beast.

“Books!” suggested Tim. Again. “Do you keep books?”

“I’ve got loads of them. The ones I write are the best.” I’m no pussy and can stand my ground and Tim was really making me look intellectually inadequate. Books? Keeping them? I glanced at Sarah but found myself looking into the eyes of her husband, he was mellow but obviously he wanted to kill me.

Then it came! The answer! Three consecutive double letters in one word. Sarah, and I love to see success, and we smiled. Bingo! Tim invited me to a seedy Bangkok den called The Pickled Liver for his next pub quiz.

The party went on and remained extraordinary and the food never ever approached FAO health safety standards but the question remains.

We want three consecutive double letters in one word. If you had been at the party you would have had a lot of fun. And you wouldn’t be wasting valuable time wasting time with this nonsense.

But there they are! Out there! Three consecutive double letters in one word! Rather sad. You don’t get a Sarah to solve it. A Tim to jeer. And Hugh gives no clues! He doesn’t have too many at the best of times!

No googling!


Hugh in Bangkok!

From: Midori Paxton []
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 9:32 PM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: FW: For Hugh

From: Timothy Boyle
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 9:01 PM
To: Midori Paxton
Subject: For Hugh

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