Leonies”s View: The Look – loveable dogs with big eyes in a state of shock


Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this loveable big-eyed very cute dog thing from Leonie.

Her appalled very cute hounds are bemused and confused by her decision to abandon wine (a highly unlikely proposition in my opinion when it comes to Leonie, they need not worry on that account).

My idea is that anything can be ‘given up’ to give these dogs cause for surprise and concern.

Chaps! Why not use the image, make it personal and add alternative “give ups” and then send it to somebody.

The world, or more accurately, your friends, family and co-workers are your oyster … turning up late for work, sneaking money from Dad’s wallet, wolfing down huge slabs of steak at Joe’s Beerhouse while overlooking the salad, forgetting to replace the defunct toilet roll because a wife will do it, ignoring accumulated piles of smelly socks because sooner or later something will happen, stopping smoking and wow! Back to twenty a day but doing it in a shed at the back of the garden, breaking the law, dressing up as Elvis, launching rockets into Israel, feeding your dogs, being a Jihadist with no sense of humour who hates dogs because they are religiously deemed unclean, failing to return library books, pinching all the red and purple wine gums leaving everybody else with the green and orange ones, stealing milk from a communal student lodging fridge, growing an offensive beard, that sort of thing.

Have some fun with this one. Properly adjusted I think these mournfully astounded dogs could be gainfully employed in any house that has untidy children who like dogs and believe in photos and are suckers. Or anywhere else, actually. I’d like these dogs to go global. And the giving up thing, too.

Could be just for fun, could be political. I’d like these dogs to enhance environmental and wildlife conservation messages. But that’s because I’m a fanatic! You know all about fanatics, I’m sure. No sense of humour. These dogs could correct all that!

Just a thought!



To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: The Look

This is exactly the same look you getfrom your friends, when you tell them you have given up wine.

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