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Are Ok thriving?

August 30, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this in from the Namibian photography front line, courtesy of (C) Christian Goltz/New Mission Films. He’s caught the mood perfectly as well as the flu and the food poisoning!

He’s the sort of chap who dislikes missing out on all available opportunities!

The thing that really delights me about this particular photo is thinking of Christian having to get these girls together. Group photography? A nightmare! Ask anybody who has tried it.

Add to that lots of traditions, taboos, b/w, and if you look closely an extraordinary image that bears further scrutiny. Come on chaps! Have a close look! Subtle postures, pouts (Christian’s word not mine, but he’s right, they are pouts!) and some of those dumb finger things that declare gang affiliation in Los Angeles or membership of a very cool kweito band in Namibia down south in a crummy Katutura bar 400 klicks away… dear me! And the whole photo works like magic!

Well it does for me. I tried to assemble a whole bunch of girls for a photo shoot in Oshikati and I got two hundred all wanting to be in the damn photo. I had an Ovambo photographer with me but she thought it was too hot and she didn’t pitch up.

I’m great when it comes to interviews. I’ll interview anybody, anywhere unless they are Islamic extremists, or American Presidents.

If you want me to interview somebody get in touch.

If you have a group photo, family wedding, any group, go for Goltz! He’s your man!



From: Christian Goltz []
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2014 6:59 PM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Re: Are Ok thriving?

Well, did I mention the food poisoning I got last Tuesday in Oshakati?
Me idiot ate chicken-mayo salad at Shoprite… serves me right!
But is was a great assignment – capturing the revived Ovambo girls initiation ritual (Olufuko) for Namibia Tourism Board.
I attach one hilarious photograph – in case you’d like to post it, it MUST say (C) Christian Goltz/New Mission Films. Or they’ll kill me.
Hilarious because it’s surprisingly authentic but for the girl making the peace sign and pouting!!!
Modern teenagers and old rituals!

Thanks again,


Andre’s Bit: sober

August 29, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog agrees with Andre Gast’s contribution. Look at ISIS? What the hell are those guys on? Have a drink and they chop your bars off! A wave of madmen banning beer! How sober is that! Think it through!

The nice thing about having a few too many beers (HUGH PAXTON SUGGESTS YOU DRINK RESONSIBLY Hic) in an English pub or down the road at Joe’s Beer House and then putting a plant pot on your head is that it’s you who wakes up with the plant pot, headache and vague memories of being amusing in public.

ISIS are stoned (yes stoned! Drug abusers!) but stone cold alcohol free.

After an ISIS night out on the town loads of people have been executed. Stuck up on crosses. Buried alive. Are fleeing in their thousands.

Yes things can get rough after a binge drink in Newcastle, The Falls or Durban or Brazzaville or Puddly-be-on the Marsh. But the militant’s idea of sobriety strikes me as too bloody sober.

They should have a pint of Abbots Ale and put up a sun screen, nibble some cheese, write poems or letters to their mother, chuck a few olives at each other, have another pint of Abbots Ale, release their suffering hostages and stop being nasty. After a few more pints of Abbots they’ll eventually sober up with fond memories of having happy times, defect, think why am I one of the most hated people on the planet and head off to the nearest pub and avoid the drone strikes.

I wish they would.

It’s the sober ones that worry me! They are too damn sober to be sensible. They are drunk with the most repulsive sort of drug. Power. Power to do what they want to do to other people, which is to hurt them.

Hindi Classes at Indian Cultural Centre and Hiring part-time Teachers at ICC

August 28, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog is delighted to promote the Indian Culture Centre. Everybody is very gentle, polite, welcoming and if you are in Bangkok why not visit? They are strengthening their portfolio of useful teachers and contributors. I wish them the best in recruiting!

But you don’t have to get a job there to enjoy it.

The performances are always free and I think they are doing well to make people happy. Compare that approach to ISIS and negative energies and I think India wins. The nice thing about an Indian win, if it is a spiritual win, is that it was never a competition in the first place.

ISIS doesn’t understand that.



From: Indian Cultural Centre Bangkok []
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 4:26 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Hindi Classes at Indian Cultural Centre and Hiring part-time Teachers at ICC

Indian Cultural Centre, Bangkok is very happy to announce the beginning of Hindi Classes at the Indian Cultural Centre and ICC is also hiring part-time Teachers for teaching Indian Art Form.

ศูนย์วัฒนธรรมอินเดีย กรุงเทพฯ เปิดสอนวิชาภาษาฺฮินดี และเปิดรับสมัครอาจารย์พาร์ทไทม์ เพื่อทำการสอนศิลปะอินเดียต่างๆ ตามเอกสารด้านล่าง

Wildlife Photography in Thailand and Southeast Asia WPB2D – Weekly Digest Email

August 27, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog received this from Bruce Kekule a noted wildlife photographer specializing in the Asia Pacific region.

Norwegian Wood

August 26, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests you don’t read Norwegian Wood.

Everybody in the book is Japanese and they keep killing themselves. One of the few people who doesn’t kill himself is called Kamikazi.

Written by Haruki Murakami.

I read it and I was sitting in a Tokyo park with a misty drizzle for company and I thought this book is successfully unrealistic, depressing, boring… And wet. And award winning.

Last chapter over I stayed on in my Tokyo park then my beloved wife arrived to scrape me up.

I explained that I’d just been reading Norwegian Wood.

“It’s full of weak people.”

That was her review.

Struck me as fairly lethal, short and to the point. Also healthy and robust.

Here’s my review of the movie. Don’t watch it. For one it’s in Japanese (at least my bootleg Bangkok version is), for two, it’s crap. I gave it ten minutes.

Not everybody agrees with me.

“The movies cinematography paints each frame in rapture”

One reviewer.

Further to my last post on St Bees: St. Bees 3rd most desirable postcode in England!

August 26, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog wasn’t making this up! Here’s the evidence! Yegods!

From: Charles Paxton []
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 12:26 AM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: St. Bees 3rd most desirable postcode in England!

Fancy St. Bees being nominated the 3rd most desirable postcode in England!

Love from us XXXXX

Charles Paxton

Websites and content

Int. Tel. 1 318 496 0212 (6 hrs behind GMT)

Skype name: thewebcat

for websites and web content of quality

Me and my smoking

August 26, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has had a mixed relationship with tobacco. It began a long time ago in the boiler room beneath Foundation North in a school in St Bees.

My beloved brother has just informed me that St Bees is now one of the most prestigious addresses in the UK. When I was there it wasn’t.

My school was a Public school. In England that means it was a private school. I have comprehensively attempted to explain to bewildered people worldwide about English education and have consistently failed. Logically a private school should be called a private school. Not a public one. Comprehensive schools should be called incomprehensible schools. Grammar schools are public but you can go there if they haven’t been closed by nasty little socialists.

St Bees was a public school. Your parents paid for you to be there and you arrived feeling small and thwarted by large, unlit, ominous buildings. Lots of corridors. With nobody in them. Just the echo of footsteps.

The boiler room contained several tons of junk, a threatening, but somehow soothing boiler and this old weathered looking chap who brewed tea, had a large pile of porno mags and a strangely comfortable world designed by him for him. He smoked a lot. And apart from the boiler didn’t have much to do. He was kind to animals. He was probably the last person a concerned parent would want infecting their child and we all liked him. There was a combination of grime, unruly behaviour, noble if sordid withdrawal from the Foundation North above and just a hint of menace. He was a grimy old bugger. Probably unstable. The Yorkshire Ripper applied for a job at my school but couldn’t fill in the forms to the satisfaction of the review board. I think our boiler man had been there long before anybody had thought about review boards.

Up above we were taught French by a fat fart I loathed. I was taught Latin by a slender man who had spent a lot of time de-Nazifying Nazis.

He would be given a Nazi and would stop him being a Nazi by making damn sure he didn’t start being a Nazi again. He was probably effective. But he couldn’t control his class and couldn’t teach Latin. I had no sympathy for the man, nobody did, and we ridiculed him.

The boiler room was warm.

And there he was with his smokes. And that’s where I learned to smoke.

It was…enjoyable!

(To be continued)

Thai Days: Ice bucket

August 25, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has just had a water bucket full of ice poured over my head. Lots of people watched and laughed. It was for charity.

The interesting thing is I still have very little idea about which charity it is. But I was stripped of my dignity, charged ten dollars and what galls me, had to order my own ice! Compounding this shameless display of ice wasting and reckless water mismanagement is that apparently it is going on all over the world (apart from in places where everybody wants to kill each other or is fleeing for their lives from Jihadist gits waving black flagsI)

I hope the recipient of my charitable efforts benefits!

My donation stretched a little beyond one ice bucket. It’s rather nice to douse other people. With lots of ice! I guess if you live in Alaska or Greenland or the Poles (North or South) it might not be a novelty. But here in Bangkok it was hot!

Ice and slinging water at each other just grabs you! Asian water festivals are infamous for that.

I half drowned five girls (pretty), one dog(absolutely hideous!), two men (useful if things go ugly in a bar or a coup or just a straightforward shootout). That was my tally. My cat saw the way things were going and I missed the swift little witch! I love that cat! She saved me ten bucks!

I’m an honest sort of chap and must pay up. I’ve raised close to a hundred dollars for a charity that I didn’t know existed eight hours ago. The photo, the video, apparently is out there. Me with a bucket of ice poured on my head. My neighbor – Pascalle – it was her idea – will no doubt provide images!

I will pay more to delete them.


Open positions within INTERPOL’s Environmental Security Unit

August 23, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s blog suggests that if you want to work for Interpol and battle environmental crime you should read on!

From: Environmental Crime []
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2014 10:21 PM
To: Environmental Crime
Subject: Open positions within INTERPOL’s Environmental Security Unit

Dear Colleagues,

The INTERPOL Environmental Security Sub-Directorate (ENS) would like to notify you that it is advertising available positions for work across a number of areas. Please find below a hyperlink that will direct you to the INTERPOL career webpage where additional details can be found of each available position:

ENS is expanding its work and activities and is looking to build upon recent successes. The advertised positions are attributed to these successes and seek to further supplement ENS’ workforce with international expertise on environmental crime and law enforcement.

We kindly encourage you to forward this message on to anyone meeting the requested candidate requirements who may be interested in these opportunities.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Best regards,

This message, and any attachment contained, are confidential and subject of legal privilege. It may be used solely for the designated police/justice purpose and by the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. The information is not to be disseminated to another agency or third party without the author’s consent, and must not be retained longer than is necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose for which the information is to be used. All practicable steps shall be taken by the recipients to ensure that information is protected against unauthorised access or processing. INTERPOL reserves the right to enquire about the use of the information provided.
If you are not the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this message in error. In such a case, you should not print it, copy it, make any use of it or disclose it, but please notify us immediately and delete the message from any computer.

Bats, Charles Paxton, Wildopeneye, Andy Luck: New post White Nos e Syndrome is killing millions of American bats – petition for l isting Northern long-eared bats as endangered species

August 23, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog loves bats and has always wondered why they consistently star as villains in every crummy haunted house movie/cartoon. They save millions of human lives annually by snapping up malarial or dengue fever mozzies. There was a dengue outbreak here in Thai Village and when I was sitting outside writing at twilight I was happy to see bats. They were flitting out and about for dinner. Not blood. They were also saving my life.

They pollinate flowers. Bat guano has been used as fertilizer and fed many people. It was also mined to make explosives during the American civil war when the Confederates were running low on munitions but running high on innovative ideas

Bats make the night alive.

They make caves and haunted houses a great deal more interesting. Halloween wouldn’t be the same without them. And Gotham City would be run by the Joker.

Bats are not villains. They are a global asset.

This is why I pass this post on! Let’s look after our bats! My brother is suggesting a petition, and a good idea that is! Please sign. But go a step or two more. If you have bats don’t bug em, gas em, run about shrieking and calling pest control! Let them be. If you don’t have bats build a bat box or two (or more). There are many bat boxes available on the web. Also, if you are feeling DIY, lots of advice on building

Over to Charles, Andy, WildOpenEye and whitenose syndrome:

From: Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye []
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2014 1:30 AM
Subject: [New post] White Nose Syndrome is killing millions of American bats – petition for listing Northern long-eared bats as endangered species

charlespaxton posted: "Seven species of North American bats (including two endangered species, named below in red) have been directly affected by a fatal fungal infection called White Nose Syndrome according to The Center For Biological Diversity. The CBD has established a web"

Respond to this post by replying above this line

New post on Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye


White Nose Syndrome is killing millions of American bats – petition for listing Northern long-eared bats as endangered species

by charlespaxton

White Nose Syndrome, white text on blackSeven species of North American bats (including two endangered species, named below in red) have been directly affected by a fatal fungal infection called White Nose Syndrome according to The Center For Biological Diversity. The CBD has established a webpage dedicated to White Nose Syndrome where they say "Biologists consider it the worst wildlife disease outbreak ever in North America."

The fast spreading disease reported in 2006, has now infected Big brown bats, Eastern small-footed bats, Indiana bats, Little brown bats, Northern long-eared bats, Tricolored bats and Gray bats. Cave bats and the Southeastern bats have been found carrying the fungus. Virginia big-eared bats and the Ozark big-eared bats, also endangered species, are living in areas where the fungus is found.

Hibernating bats seem to be the only ones affected by the fungus so far.

Bats deliver very valuable pest control services as a natural part of their lifestyle.

According to the Defenders of Wildlife campaign this scourge has already killed almost 99% of Northern long-eared bats, approximately 6.7 million are thought to have died. An emailed campaign letter from Jamie Rappaport Clark received today describes how the fungus kills the bats:

"WNS strikes while bats are hibernating – when their body temperatures are dramatically decreased to reduce energy and survive the winter. Attacking these small creatures at their weakest, the fungal disease awakens them in the dead of winter, exhausting their stored energy – driving them to starvation, dehydration and hypothermia."

Smith urges us to petition for greater urgency in the listing process that would reflect the current endangered status of this bat.

To add your voice to the petition, click the link below from the Defenders of Wildlife campaign email

Demand that FWS stop delaying the listing process and protect the northern long-eared bat!

charlespaxton | 22/08/2014 at 6:29 pm | Tags: Big brown bats, Defenders of Wildlife, Eastern small-footed bats, endangered species, fatal fungal infection, Indiana bats, Jamie Rappaport Clark, Little brown bats, North American bats, Northern long-eared bats, pest control, Tricolored bats and Gray bats. Cave bats and the Southeastern bats, White Nose Syndrome | Categories: Conservation | URL:

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