Catapaults and Bamboo Rocket Launchers, Guns And Spears: Ancient and Modern Urban Warfare Bangkok Style! Plus Beans And a Rotten Tomato


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When I was in Sabah (Malaysian Borneo) I watched a duel fought by children with home made bamboo rockets. The Kinabatangan  river, just upstream of the delta, separated the combatants. At this stage of flow, the river was wide – perhaps 200 yards.

The missiles were coke bottles slotted into chopped bamboo stems. The impetus for the projectiles was a combination of lighter fluid and a few secret ingredients that I won’t describe. No bomb making tips available on this Blog. It’s policy!

Back to the rockets! It was harmless kid’s fun. Like stone fights or snowballing. Only with rockets. The things that made a lasting impression on me were 1. H ow far the missiles flew. 2. How simple the bamboo devices were  and 3. How incredibly excruciating it was to be injured by shrapnel.  One of the little swine on the far bank zapped my veranda. Glad he missed my head.

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