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Hugh Paxton’s Blog has just been on holiday and what would a holiday be like if you can’t send photos to everybody who didn’t have a holiday or who had spent their holiday in a Red Sea hospital vomiting and wishing they had opted for Brighton or Gravesend?

There are hundreds of holiday photos but as a supporter of the Humane Society, which rejects cruelty in all forms, I’ll only inflict three on you.

For the time being.

Like most holiday snaps they will be of little interest to anybody who doesn’t want to see a picture of my daughter with a horse,

BLOG ED NOTE: You hated that horse!

HUGH: Come on! Hardly fair! It hated me!

BLOG ED: Why didn’t you take a photo of you chasing the horse round the field waving hay and trying to get it back into the stable?

HUGH: Because I didn’t have a camera! And it took two hours to kick the horse in the way its private and sensitive parts deserved! And I don’t want to be photographed involved in acts of animal cruelty.

BLOG ED: You didn’t even catch that horse. Did you?

HUGH: Not as such. It was fleet of foot. It was a veritable Pegasus! Who’s going to catch that by waving hay and stumbling over thistles and mole hills? Anyway, Annabel and the horse – pony- got on. The donkey was the troublemaker. And all the chickens! And the guinea pigs! The rat! The tortoise! The dogs! The cats! The voles! Forget Gerald Durrell for my Family and other Animals. Visit my sister’s farm!

BLOG ED: I note that you have posted images that bear no relevance to this horse issue.

HUGH: Andy Luck, world famous wildlife photographer, my daughter, both flying a plane.

BLOG ED: I’d rather fly Air Malaysia.

HUGH: Tasteless!

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