Where’s Charles? Merdeka Atau Mati (Surabaya 45) Full


A long time ago on an island faraway my brother, Charles and our friend Zask, were recruited to act in the most expensive movie Indonesia had undertaken.

Surabaya 45.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has visited Indonesia on numerous occasions. A very large country made up of many islands. Nobody and trust me on this one, nobody! can agree on how many islands there are.

Let’s just put it at lots!

I’ve seen many things there. Volcanos erupting, Komodo dragons, a bunch of destitute drunks offering boat tours to view rotting ancestors in lakeside open coffins, delicate art, hospitality, rude Islamists, the best reef diving in the world (check Bunaken Cha Cha web site) but my brother in a tank ordering a counter attack – I hadn’t seen that!

The movie is out and has been about but for years we never found it. Now we have found it on YouTube. But we can’t find Charles. Or Zask. They should be in a tank somewhere in the movie but we can’t find them. It’s not a case of Where’s Wally? It’s a case of where’s Charles? Or where’s Zask? Or where are both of them?

If you can speak or understand Bahasa perhaps give this lengthy movie a look? Anybody who can find him (Charles) or them (Charles and Zask) and their tank might receive a prize!

Please help!

Cheers from Bangkok! Read on for the Surubaya link!


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