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Hugh Paxton’s Blog welcomes this latest post from TheGirl. Racial tensions, prejudice, all good problems to be snuffed out. I think if black Americans want to show the protest freedom of speech they should stop rioting, being racist, and looting stores and running away with diapers and TVs. It undermines their moral high ground assuming they have one. Makes them look like every Asian, Anglo, racist expects them to look.


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What Did We Learn From Ferguson?

by TheGirl

hands up son't shoot, ferguson, eric garner, mike brown, police shoot

Mike Brown wasn’t the first unarmed victim of police shooting. And he won’t be the last. So what do we teach the next generation?

TheGirl | August 20, 2014 at 9:16 pm | Tags: eric garner, ferguson, hands up don’t shoot, mike brown, photo, police brutality, police killing, wordless wednesday | Categories: Musings and Life | URL:

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