Thai Days: Ice bucket


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has just had a water bucket full of ice poured over my head. Lots of people watched and laughed. It was for charity.

The interesting thing is I still have very little idea about which charity it is. But I was stripped of my dignity, charged ten dollars and what galls me, had to order my own ice! Compounding this shameless display of ice wasting and reckless water mismanagement is that apparently it is going on all over the world (apart from in places where everybody wants to kill each other or is fleeing for their lives from Jihadist gits waving black flagsI)

I hope the recipient of my charitable efforts benefits!

My donation stretched a little beyond one ice bucket. It’s rather nice to douse other people. With lots of ice! I guess if you live in Alaska or Greenland or the Poles (North or South) it might not be a novelty. But here in Bangkok it was hot!

Ice and slinging water at each other just grabs you! Asian water festivals are infamous for that.

I half drowned five girls (pretty), one dog(absolutely hideous!), two men (useful if things go ugly in a bar or a coup or just a straightforward shootout). That was my tally. My cat saw the way things were going and I missed the swift little witch! I love that cat! She saved me ten bucks!

I’m an honest sort of chap and must pay up. I’ve raised close to a hundred dollars for a charity that I didn’t know existed eight hours ago. The photo, the video, apparently is out there. Me with a bucket of ice poured on my head. My neighbor – Pascalle – it was her idea – will no doubt provide images!

I will pay more to delete them.


2 Responses to “Thai Days: Ice bucket”

  1. Jane Woodstrover Says:

    Well done – I look forward to seeing the video!

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      I haven’t seen the video. But it will be dull. I brought an umbrella and an inflatable dolphin and thought I’d make it a bit of cabaret. The audience missed the chance of an interesting ice event and confiscated umbrella and dolphin because it was against the rules. So just me getting ice on my head. Not one to wait for in the home movie department. I could have been a contender! And the video could have had a bit of slapstick and fun. But not with this audience. They were French, young and rule abiding. Dull. And I don’t think there were rules. But all in a good cause…

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