Norwegian Wood


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests you don’t read Norwegian Wood.

Everybody in the book is Japanese and they keep killing themselves. One of the few people who doesn’t kill himself is called Kamikazi.

Written by Haruki Murakami.

I read it and I was sitting in a Tokyo park with a misty drizzle for company and I thought this book is successfully unrealistic, depressing, boring… And wet. And award winning.

Last chapter over I stayed on in my Tokyo park then my beloved wife arrived to scrape me up.

I explained that I’d just been reading Norwegian Wood.

“It’s full of weak people.”

That was her review.

Struck me as fairly lethal, short and to the point. Also healthy and robust.

Here’s my review of the movie. Don’t watch it. For one it’s in Japanese (at least my bootleg Bangkok version is), for two, it’s crap. I gave it ten minutes.

Not everybody agrees with me.

“The movies cinematography paints each frame in rapture”

One reviewer.

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  1. Stella Says:

    Sounds dreadful. I think I’ll stick with Jo Nesbo books.

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