Andre’s Bit: sober


Hugh Paxton’s Blog agrees with Andre Gast’s contribution. Look at ISIS? What the hell are those guys on? Have a drink and they chop your bars off! A wave of madmen banning beer! How sober is that! Think it through!

The nice thing about having a few too many beers (HUGH PAXTON SUGGESTS YOU DRINK RESONSIBLY Hic) in an English pub or down the road at Joe’s Beer House and then putting a plant pot on your head is that it’s you who wakes up with the plant pot, headache and vague memories of being amusing in public.

ISIS are stoned (yes stoned! Drug abusers!) but stone cold alcohol free.

After an ISIS night out on the town loads of people have been executed. Stuck up on crosses. Buried alive. Are fleeing in their thousands.

Yes things can get rough after a binge drink in Newcastle, The Falls or Durban or Brazzaville or Puddly-be-on the Marsh. But the militant’s idea of sobriety strikes me as too bloody sober.

They should have a pint of Abbots Ale and put up a sun screen, nibble some cheese, write poems or letters to their mother, chuck a few olives at each other, have another pint of Abbots Ale, release their suffering hostages and stop being nasty. After a few more pints of Abbots they’ll eventually sober up with fond memories of having happy times, defect, think why am I one of the most hated people on the planet and head off to the nearest pub and avoid the drone strikes.

I wish they would.

It’s the sober ones that worry me! They are too damn sober to be sensible. They are drunk with the most repulsive sort of drug. Power. Power to do what they want to do to other people, which is to hurt them.

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