Are Ok thriving?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this in from the Namibian photography front line, courtesy of (C) Christian Goltz/New Mission Films. He’s caught the mood perfectly as well as the flu and the food poisoning!

He’s the sort of chap who dislikes missing out on all available opportunities!

The thing that really delights me about this particular photo is thinking of Christian having to get these girls together. Group photography? A nightmare! Ask anybody who has tried it.

Add to that lots of traditions, taboos, b/w, and if you look closely an extraordinary image that bears further scrutiny. Come on chaps! Have a close look! Subtle postures, pouts (Christian’s word not mine, but he’s right, they are pouts!) and some of those dumb finger things that declare gang affiliation in Los Angeles or membership of a very cool kweito band in Namibia down south in a crummy Katutura bar 400 klicks away… dear me! And the whole photo works like magic!

Well it does for me. I tried to assemble a whole bunch of girls for a photo shoot in Oshikati and I got two hundred all wanting to be in the damn photo. I had an Ovambo photographer with me but she thought it was too hot and she didn’t pitch up.

I’m great when it comes to interviews. I’ll interview anybody, anywhere unless they are Islamic extremists, or American Presidents.

If you want me to interview somebody get in touch.

If you have a group photo, family wedding, any group, go for Goltz! He’s your man!



From: Christian Goltz []
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2014 6:59 PM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Re: Are Ok thriving?

Well, did I mention the food poisoning I got last Tuesday in Oshakati?
Me idiot ate chicken-mayo salad at Shoprite… serves me right!
But is was a great assignment – capturing the revived Ovambo girls initiation ritual (Olufuko) for Namibia Tourism Board.
I attach one hilarious photograph – in case you’d like to post it, it MUST say (C) Christian Goltz/New Mission Films. Or they’ll kill me.
Hilarious because it’s surprisingly authentic but for the girl making the peace sign and pouting!!!
Modern teenagers and old rituals!

Thanks again,


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