Beauty gets ugly: tapeworms and Miss Asia


Hugh Paxton’s Blog enjoys seeing beautiful women. But I also like women who are obese, deformed, old and wobbly, not the sort to grace a fashion mag, mummies, grumpy hags talking about the weather in a bus shelter near Birmingham… There are women all over the place and in my opinion that is a good thing.

BUT!!! Sometimes these women go bad!!!

Case one (and trust me it is bad!): Florida. Mummy thinks her daughter is too fat for the beauty queen pageant. She goes to Mexico and buys a pill containing tapeworm eggs. The kid swallows her medicine and becomes so inflated with intestinal parasites that a hospital nurse thinks she must be pregnant. This ghastly tale comes from UPI. Mummy said sorry.

Case two: Another Beauty Queen thing. From Myanmar to Miss Asia or more accurately Missing in Asia. She won the prize! Overstayed her time in Korea, stole her crown and is doing a runner after a row about breast enhancements. Her Mum’s with her. If you see a beautiful woman who has no place to go but has a mother and a crown ignore the sad fate of both concerned. Myanmar won’t have them back, Korea wants them gone, the crystal makers want the crown returned, it was on loan.

That’s it for the time being from me. Another pointless blog courtesy of Hugh Paxton!



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