Thai Days: Headless off Pattaya


Hugh Paxton’s Blog was intrigued to learn that two people were found without their heads in the sea not very many meters away from people reclining on loungers, sipping cocktails or coconut milk and nibbling crab cakes, having a massage and having the holiday of a life time.

Their yacht was also found and police described it as ‘rummaged’. An autopsy was launched to determine if the couple, believed to be of Belgian origin, were murdered or had committed suicide. There are many ways of committing suicide but cutting your own head off strikes me as a bit inconvenient.

‘Foul play’ has not been confirmed by the police who are keeping their options open.

The story was reported with a sort of ghastly factual indifference; it was just a couple of headless Belgians. For them it must have been quite an important occasion but overboard they went and it really hasn’t made much of a ripple.

My esteemed wife and I discussed the event and her verdict was that Thailand is very violent. It has never struck me as such – I have never felt threatened here – but then I’ve never brought my yacht in for repairs and decapitated my partner and then myself. I can’t afford a yacht.

This story should not in any way prevent you from visiting Thailand. There is a certain degree of crime and when it happens it tends to be dramatic and blood spattered.

Visitors should smile, be clever/street smart, have a great time, really enjoy the country, avoid pirates and leave with their heads on.


Hugh (Bangkok)

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