Thai Days: Our Fruit Bat, Tod:


It was to have been a quiet evening but then it wasn’t. As usual. The doorbell rang and there was Gabriel. He wanted me to see a bat. It looked about as doomed as a bat could be. Very small. Its wings glued to the road. Fired from its roost by a gust of monsoon wind and drenched by rain.

I decided to be humane and kill it. Put it out of its misery. Then I thought that wouldn’t be right. And I couldn’t find my hammer.

The next few minutes were uncomfortable. How to get the bat off the road? A neighbor tried poking it with a stick. The bat, wisely, stayed curled up with its very thin wings curled over its head. I brought out a paper bag with strings and the bat got the plan. It hauled itself in – strings work wonders with fruit bats. Then it turned upside down.

I still have the damn bat! And he still looks dead! And I still spend a lot of time working out what he wants to eat or needs next.

But we will win! The bat will fly!

Here are some images of him looking less than lively!

His name is Tod. As in fox. He has a foxy, vulpine face. Lovely eyes. He sprawls all over the place and is young. But I’ll keep him safe and when the glad time arrives he can fly away and stop annoying me!



6 Responses to “Thai Days: Our Fruit Bat, Tod:”

  1. TheGirl Says:

    Don’t those things carry Ebola?

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      Thanks for your concern. No. they don’t. They cause headaches if you are looking after them, not medical, stress related – you don’t want the little chaps to die. So small, so fragile. So much can go wrong, but TheGirl so much could go right! He might thrive and fly! That would be a sight! And that’s my goal! Cheers from Bangkok! Hugh!

      • TheGirl Says:

        Ah, you’re very kind-hearted. I hope he flies soon!

      • Hugh Paxton Says:

        So do I! He’s a pain the neck and I’m covered in squashed mango! My plan is that you email me your address and that we send you a silk scarf, rather a flashy one. The bat had nothing to do with this decision. Annabel thought you needed a birthday present, I thought yes! Drop me a hint regarding colours. Your scarf will have elephants on it whether you like it or not! Cheers! Hugh

      • TheGirl Says:

        Hi Hugh,

        I hope the bat has been finally able to leave the nest, and you’re no longer covered in bat vomit. Thank you for the kind gesture I will email you my address. Elephants (especially with trunks up) are a sign of good luck.

      • Hugh Paxton Says:

        The poor little fellow conked out. Spread his wings and I felt hope then he just died. With his wings spread properly for the first time. I miss him but we did all we could. I guess he wasn’t destined to fly. There are two huge more happy fruit bats in our trees at the moment. Lovely to watch. Their wing beats sound like a helicopter. They won’t fall out of their tree. Cheers! Hugh

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