George Monbiot: For more wonder, rewild the world


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has checked this from George Monbiot and is enthused! My college, Brasenose, has produced some surprises. The current British PM is an obvious example and I think he is doing well. I’m always rather proud when I see him and every time I turn on the TV I see him! I don’t always agree but by and large I do.

Rt. Hon. David Cameron UK Prime Minister, listening to the public

Rt. Hon. David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, listening to the public

George Monbiot is another Brasenose College product and the following talk, which I insist you listen to! is evidence that Brasenose, one of the more modest Oxford colleges (but my favourite) can change the world.

If George has his way we may see hippos back in the Thames! Yes! What a great idea!

Really, give this talk a listen. A lot of food for thought! And very eloquent! I think Indonesia still has a warrant out for his arrest and a lot of criminal loggers want to shoot him but George is doing what I admire. He’s thinking and acting. And in this case, speaking. Very well indeed!

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