Bunny Hugging FW: The Bunnies Need you! #BeCrueltyFree Calls for Bunny Photos to Highlight Cosmetics Testing on International Rabbit Day


Now this really is bunny hugging at its best! International Rabbit Day! Hugh Paxton’s Blog is highly impressed!

Go for it chaps! Hug a bunny! Photo a bunny! Stop bad people hurting bunnies to test lipstick!

If there is an epidemic of rabbits stripping the environment bare go for your shotgun then stew pot and sage and onion.

Long slow boil in Saigon works well. Then they add spuds.



From: Wendy Higgins [mailto:whiggins@hsi.org]
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2014 5:24 PM
To: Paxton, Hugh
Subject: The Bunnies Need you! #BeCrueltyFree Calls for Bunny Photos to Highlight Cosmetics Testing on International Rabbit Day

Dear Hugh

It’s International Rabbit Day on September 27 and Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign is calling on all bunny-friendly folk to help raise awareness about the suffering these gentle animals endure to test cosmetics and beauty products. Please help us spread the word about a cute bunny project with a serious message. Thank you.


Wendy Higgins
#BeCrueltyFree Communications Director
Humane Society International


The Bunnies Need you! #BeCrueltyFree Calls for Bunny Photos to Highlight Cosmetics Testing on International Rabbit Day

Humane Society International’s #BeCrueltyFree campaign estimates that every year around the world, approximately 500,000 animals suffer and die to test cosmetics. Rabbits are often used in painful eye and skin tests, so this International Rabbit Day, the #BeCrueltyFree campaign is shining a spotlight on their suffering and YOU can help.

Every rabbit who endures cosmetics testing is just as lovable and unique as the rabbits with whom we share our homes. So HSI is asking for supporters to donate a photo of their beloved rabbit companions (or a selfie of you in bunny ears!) with the following message:

  • Take part on Twitter by tweeting your photo with this message:

I WANT BUNNIES TO #BECRUELTYFREE WITH @HSIGlobal for #InternationalRabbitDay & end cosmetics cruelty!

  • Take part on Facebook by posting your photo with the message:

RABBITS SUFFER in cosmetics tests. I WANT BUNNIES TO ‪#‎BECRUELTYFREE! Take the pledge: http://bit.ly/1tl7bPY and help Humane Society International end cosmetics cruelty.

Rabbits are commonly used in painful eye and skin irritation tests for consumer products. Developed in the 1940s, skin and eye irritation tests involve holding rabbits in full body restraints so that chemicals can be dripped in their eye or spread on their shaved skin. These tests are notoriously unreliable as well as extremely cruel, causing eye reddening, swelling, ulceration, even blindness, or skin cracking and bleeding. Unlike humans, rabbits have no tear ducts so they can’t cry out the harmful substances.

#BeCrueltyFree is the largest campaign in the world to end cosmetics animal testing. Globally, Humane Society International and our #BeCrueltyFree partners are leading the charge to end cosmetics cruelty in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan, and #BeCrueltyFree USA is spearheaded by The Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society Legislative Fund.

Follow #BeCrueltyFree on Facebook here

Contact: Wendy Higgins, Communications Director: 44 (0)7989 972 423, whiggins

Humane Society International and its partner organisations together constitute one of the world’s largest animal protection organisations. For more than 20 years, HSI has been working for the protection of all animals through the use of science, advocacy, education and hands on programs. Celebrating animals and confronting cruelty worldwide – on the Web at hsi.org/becrueltyfree

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