Thai Days: Breakfast, bees and bacon


Hugh Paxton’s Blog always sends my beloved daughter off to school with all the essentials:

1. A kick in the rump after hearing just one too many appeals for “Just one minute.” In today’s case the pleading came from a boat. She likes sleeping in it. It’s a rubber inflatable. Why not say I? It adds interest to what otherwise be a boat-less bedroom.

2. A second kick in the rump. That does the trick.

3. A boring parental lecture about what to pack in the school bag, clean teeth, feed your rat, feed the bat, walk your dog, pick up your socks, find the shoes etc.

4. A hearty breakfast. Most important meal of the day I have heard. This morning the lady of the house settled down to a plate of sautéed mushrooms with butter and thyme and just a splash of Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay – I had it to hand and thought the mushrooms needed it. Scrambled eggs, and crisp bacon. The intriguing thing was that the bacon included a bee. And then another. I knew what was going to happen. A swarm. But why go for the bacon? The question remains a question? What have they got against my sautéed mushrooms? And why this sudden invasion?

Anyway my daughter off to school and the bees have gone as well. I opened doors and ushered them out and they were polite enough not to sting me and I didn’t kill them. I was thinking about whether I should eat the rest of the bacon but by the time I’d got rid of all the bees that was no longer an issue. The dog, that dratted beagle, had scoffed the lot.

I love living in Bangkok. But hate doing breakfast!


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