Thai Days: Help


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is sufficiently rich to employ a few people. In Africa we employed lots of people. The arrangement was fairly straightforward, they’d steal everything, get paid and fed and if it was a good day, they’d do some work.

Then what they did wouldn’t work.

Here in Thailand I can’t stop my workers from working! They don’t steal anything, they won’t take a day off and everywhere l go there’s somebody working. I draw the curtains and there he is – the man doing the windows, right in my face! I go to the kitchen to fix a bit of breakfast. There she is! The oven cleaner! Dismantling it with some chemical conjuring in her hand. Scrambled eggs require a cooker. Mine has been dissected!

I flee.

And then there she is! Wherever I flee there she is! Busy with a mop, smashing things and making more mess.

And moving things!

There really is little point in me putting anything anywhere. It will go somewhere else.

OK, you may be thinking, Hugh Paxton is a spoiled grumpy stinker – he’s got a maid and lots of others trying to help.

They are trying to help! I wish they’d stop. But I don’t have the heart to sack them. They are decent people and deserve a wage. So that’s it.

I have nowhere to hide from help!


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