The future we want, or the future we deserve?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests you mix a jug of Bloody Mary with extra tabasco, turn off the TV, and read this lot. Thought provoking. David Duthie of Bioplanners really has his eye on the ball. George Monbiot likewise. My esteemed wife, too. The ball in question is rather a large one. And we live on it.

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Your friend George Monbiot is quoted in the Op-Ed.

3 Responses to “The future we want, or the future we deserve?”

  1. TheGirl Says:

    Its not working for either post.

  2. cumbrianwa Says:

    Intriguing, but where is it?

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      A good question! It was there when I sent it then it wasn’t when it arrived! A Hugh Paxton Blog Bermuda Triangle seems to be in operation. I will try and find it and re-send! Love from Bangkok! Hugh

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