Hugh Paxton’s Blog is pleased to report that the military government remains a force for stability. Everything’s stable apart from my household. But that has remained the same for quite some time. For as long as I can remember, actually.

I might order a couple of soldiers to enforce clearing my daughter’s room of all this damn LEGO and they can shoot my dog, Buggly, if they want. But it’s like the police. When you want one you can’t find him!

Finding a soldier here is equally difficult!

Thailand may have a junta but it really is not a visitor’s concern. You come here and you probably won’t even see a soldier. Or if you do see one you can take a selfie. Everybody seems to do that. Me and myself and a soldier. Every girl loves a man in uniform or so the saying goes. The soldiers are getting used to it.

This regime is a positive influence in Thailand. It has ousted corrupt politicians, it has cleared the streets that were clogged by protesters for months, it has brought equanimity back. Some Red Shirts still snarl and bark but they have no bite. They are over. And I’m glad of that. They were unruly peasant thugs – a Khmer Rouge in the making run by a criminal billionaire in exile to evade his prison sentence for corruption.

Thailand remains a wonderful country to visit!

Hugh in Bangkok

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