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Hugh Paxton’s Blog finds this extremely funny! I have done this. Not on TV but on radio. The woman was asking all the wrong questions and was not listening to all the right answers. I thought life is short and I’ve better things to do and if a million listeners stop listening to me they’ll remember more because I’ve stopped talking. It was a trifle unfair to the interviewer. But no regrets! She was a moron! I don’t like killing whales, and she should have known that!

TheGirl cleared off in style. More people should follow this example! It would make the media far more interesting!



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TheGirl posted: "Ever wish you could do this?"

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Reporter Quits On-Air – Check Out Her Jaw Dropping Exit…

by TheGirl

d037ccc412f30883f8258512ec549c52?s=32&d=monsterid&r=XReblogged from Black Women Stand Up :


Wow, what a way to make an exit…from her job that is, which happened to be during her live segment on KTVA in Alaska. This reporter keeps it all the way real! View below, and please share your thoughts on her actions.

#BlackWomenStandUp #BWSU


I was completely shocked at how she made her exit and by her words. But there was a part of me that was proud of her courageousness in standing up for her choices and beliefs.

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Ever wish you could do this?

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