Sweet Home Louisiana: young Hognosed Snake


Hugh Paxton’s Blog always reads my brother’s messages with interest. Because they are interesting! He and his wife, Kimmie, are restoring their vandalized trailer in Crawfish Springs, Louisiana and are making a good job of it. When they arrived there wasn’t much of a roof. And not much of anything else. Kimmie’s kin have really rallied round and it doesn’t seem that a day passes without some relative helping. When I did my great American Road Trip (13,000 miles) I sensed that in the north there was a feeling that the south was a bit frightening and backward, KKK and foreign. It’s not like that at all. I met more racism in Washington DC than I met down south. Louisiana sounds a good place to be! And I’m glad my brother and Kimmie are making a go of it!

I’m also very glad he didn’t sweep up this snake while doing the leaves and didn’t hurl it, un-recognized, into a bonfire.

It’s a fine snake, say I!

Hugh in Bangkok (a Hugh who never kills snakes)

From: Charles Paxton
Subject: young Hognosed Snake

Hello everybody. I hope you are very well. While gardening this morning I saw this handsome young hognosed snake!

He puffed out a little hood at one stage and raised the tip of his tail like a pygmy rattler, but he’s nonvenomous.


Charles Paxton

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