Thai Days: the Koh Tao murders


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is saddened by the murders of two young British tourists on Koh Tao. I hate it when tourists get killed – they fly here, make excited, perhaps nervous, preparations pre-departure, and they want to have a holiday, see new things, meet new people, try new food, they want adventure, and then in the Koh Tao case they get murdered. Koh Tao is not a big island. Finding the culprits is exposing police incompetence. Utterly useless! The government has sent in the army. Hundreds of people have been DNA tested and there are promises of arrests but no arrests. It’s an ugly affair. Bangkok Post’s Sunday supplement, Spectrum magazine, ran a rather gruesome article focusing on police incompetence. Yes, incompetence. But more than that, indifference. Corruption. Nepotism. There is no help if you fall here. From local people possibly. But not from the police. These young Brits fell. Perhaps the army will sort this out. I send my sympathy to the families of their children. And I hope the army gets the killers. The police are an unlikely prospect.

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