Colum’s Column: Hii! Turtles! And we need volunteers!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has known Colum for too many years! It reminds me of how swiftly time passes but also reminds me of the importance of time and the power of enduring friendships. Years come and go. Colum is still working to keep the coasts clean and the sea turtle nesting beaches safe for free swimming turtles that will go to places we will never see. I think this is not just kind, not just adventurous, but rather grand!

What a lovely thought! A wretched hatchling struggles from its egg. It gets a bit of ARCAS help as it makes it down to the beach. It hits the surf. The surf hits it back. The turtle strikes back.

It wins or loses. We won’t know.

Colum and ARCAS volunteers have rescued thousands of nests that would otherwise have been raided by poachers.

As you read this those turtles are swimming in wonderful or perhaps terrible seas.

If you want to volunteer with ARCAS and turtles get in touch with Colum and ARCAS and do your best.

Cheers! Hugh

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Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association, Guatemala
Asociación Rescate y Conservación de Vida Silvestre, Guatemala
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