Brigitte’s Pick: Eskom health risk


Hugh Paxton’s Blog notes with alarm and admiration that Brigitte is getting greener and more humane by the day. Why the alarm? Well, to be frank, this blog is blessed with contributions from rather a large number of Africans and most are inhumane. Although green. If your idea of being green is shooting poachers and thinking that’s funny.

It is, actually, if the story is told right.

The Namibia stories rarely venture into issues like global warming and carbon emissions, public health, being kind to black people but Brigitte is going that way. I admire her for that. But I really don’t want other Blog correspondents from Namibia to stop finding shooting poachers a useful and entertaining endeavor. And I don’t want to hear too much PC from Namibia. It’s not what the country is about!

Read on and let’s reduce greenhouse gasses together! Assuming the link works.

From: Brigitte Alpers []
Subject: FW: Eskom health risk

This link works, the other one didn’t

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