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Hugh Paxton’s Blog offers an update on Christian’s Desert Nudes. My esteemed wife had suspicions that it might be a trifle seedy. I never thought that. But to clarify matters: Over to Christian

Enclosed please find updated information in the attached pdf file, as announced in the previous email.
A high resolution version is here:

I have by now secured beautiful and talented models who would accompany us.
We would have Himba models on location at Epupa Falls in addition.
The models are students from the University of Namibia and only agree to nude work under the following condition:
No images may be posted on the Internet, on social media, photo sites or otherwise.
They will sign a model release for artistic/editorial usage of the images only.

The itinerary guarantees prime (desert) locations off the beaten track, i.e., with sufficient privacy.
Camping near or even at the shooting locations assures optimal usage of the light.

The purpose of the following cost estimate is to show what we are looking at, not a final quote – I like to keep things as transparent as possible.
We are not making a profit here, we want to make it happen!

Assuming a duration of 10 days (first and last in Windhoek) and an itinerary

Windhoek – Namib Naukluft Park – Kuiseb Mouth/Dunes between Swakopmund and Walvisbay – Brandberg Mountain – Epupa – Windhoek

the following costs occur:

car rental: N$ 15000.-
fuel: N$ 7200.- (two Toyota 4X4s)
additional camping equipment: N$ 3000.-
three models: N$ 15000.-
guides: N$ 30000.-
food (8 people total, i.e., three photographers, 3 models, two guides): 8000.-

accommodation (for photographers at Windhoek, on tour, if necessary) not included

N$ 78200.-


one photographer pays N$ 78200.-
two photographers pay each N$ 39100.-
three: N$ 26067.-
four: N$ 19550.-
five: N$ 15640.-

Please keep in mind that this is a first but close estimate!
If the number of models or itinerary changes, total will also change, of course.

Realistically, four photographers is the maximum – with four models we are then 10 people.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have – I will be shooting fertility rituals in the North soon, however…

Good Light,


PS: We could do the tour any time in March, whatever fits participants best!

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