Thai Days: Koh Tao murders


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is watching this cruel farce evolve into greater farce. There was the imbecilic comment by a government minister that if you wear a bikini you are asking for it. Asking for what? Getting raped, murdered and having your face smashed to smithereens? The dead girl’s boyfriend wasn’t wearing a bikini. He was bashed up and drowned. Both British tourists, Hannah Witheridge (23), and David Miller (24) were on a beach holiday. What’s the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) tourism advice when it comes to what to wear on a beach? TAT is keeping quiet. And who can blame them? A trench coat? A hibab? A Dalek set of armour?

This simply won’t do.

No arrests made, one inspector replaced (not a bad idea and I hope he was DNA tested) and wow! Every tourist now planning to visit this poisoned paradise will be ordered to wear a wrist band identifying them. Name, number etc. A practical idea. When they get murdered it will make identifying them easier and if they’ve filled out their address correctly their remains can be returned without too much fuss and bother.

What a stupid, offensive, and frightening idea. Koh Tao gives its visitors a dog tag. Perhaps everybody visiting this death pit should also buy a body bag and address it. Thailand at its worst.

I hate to say it, but I cannot recommend Koh Tao as a beach destination and the island, if it had any sense, would hand the criminals over. They know who they are.

Again my Blog extends sympathies to the families of the young dead. And wants the murderers and rapists brought to justice. The death penalty in this case would seem just. And I just want it to happen as soon as possible!

Hugh in Bangkok

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