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Hugh Paxton’s Blog has never had an ice cream date (and, without, causing offence won’t, my life will be the poorer for it, I’m sure, but I prefer dates with beer and pointless arguments in smelly bars). But that’s me! I think an ice cream date would suit many people very well! TheGirl has some good ideas here! Enjoy the ice cream. Coconut is a killer! I love it! Doesn’t often crop up in smelly bars but there’s a guy outside the London Brewhouse with stacks of coconuts and a machete who I visit on a regular basis.

Actually after a bit of thinking I’ve had a re-think. I’ll try this recipe. Skip the smelly bar and make my wife a dollop of something sweet. And some lemonade for my beloved daughter! Cheers from Bangkok and thanks to TheGirl for this idea.

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TheGirl posted: "#WordlessWednesdays Its an ice cream date! Check out the coconut ice cream recipe I used here. "

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Do Something Sweet

by TheGirl


Its an ice cream date! Check out the coconut ice cream recipe I used here.

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life throws you coconut shavings, make ice cream

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