Thai Days: FW: Small garage sale


Hugh Paxton’s Blog received strict instructions from my esteemed wife not to go anywhere near this small garage sale. But it was next door. She headed off for a massage and Pascalle (running the small garage sale) sort of cooed to me over the fence and asked if I wanted a fishing net.

I thought I’d take a quick look but vowed not to buy anything.

After my quick look I’d bought three antique Myanmar/Burma musician carvings. Grotesque and beautiful. Horrid actually but I like them. They are quirky and are not terribly large and my beloved daughter hates them. I also bought a large ceramic hen, two demon masks from Bali, a rotting cupboard, and a few more useful bits and pieces.

And the bloody fishing net that started this decline into empty wallet city!

Pascalle was generous. I got some freebies. Lots of toys. A computer bag (I’ve just given that away to Khun Den) and Chang bought an ice cream maker. It’s a Swiss wooden bucket with electrical accessories. You can pound ice into shards and throw in coconut milk or anything else but strictly speaking, Chang doesn’t need an ice cream making machine. Pascalle and I strongly suggested that he didn’t buy it. But he was enchanted by the device. I said I wasn’t lending him money for this. Pascalle and I hoped that he would buy it and sell it but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Chang wants to make ice cream.

So, yes, a typical Hugh Paxton sort of day. Our house is enlivened by more hobgoblins and exotic junk that frightens small children.

And we’ve got a huge fishing net.

Chang’s got his ice cream maker.

My illustrious wife went berserk in a clothes shop. Rather good results! She looks stunning! Beautiful!

I guess we are compulsive or impulsive spenders! But I have never regretted buying anything I have bought. Apart from my dog, three crayfish and my lousy Isuzu Trooper. Somebody crashed the Trooper. The crayfish were interesting for a day then went pink and dead. In retrospect we should have just cooked them. The dog is living yet! The horrid little thief!

Cheers from Bangkok!


From: Pascale Prud’homme []
Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2014 4:53 PM
To: Anneke Jongbloed
Cc: Heidi and Oliver; Midori Paxton; Hugh Paxton; Mellow Cammaert; Audrey Everts-Walbeehm;;; Bénédicte Poveda; olivier POVEDA; linda jennings; Paula Robinson
Subject: Small garage sale

Dear All,

As you may have heard, we are moving to MooBaan Panya in 2 weeks time.

We have some very nice toys and books for sale. If interested come and have look tomorrow, Sunday, from 10 til 11am!

Have lovely weekend!

Pascale, House 59


On 14 mai 2014, at 02:50, Anneke Jongbloed <agjongbloed> wrote:

Hi all,

Unfortunately I won’t be ther. I suddenly had to go back to the Netherlands for this week.



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