Thai Days: Koh Tao murders


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is in a state of uncertainty.

So is everybody else.

Two Myanmar suspects have been arrested. There has been consternation expressed by Amnesty Intl that they were given a bashing by police and their confessions to the brutal rape and murder of two young English tourists were forced. The behaviour of the two Myanmar nationals is peculiar. They allegedly refused the help and services of a lawyer. But they can’t speak Thai. They were here illegally. Maybe nobody wanted to help them speak Thai.

Chang, from Myanmar, finds it impossible for the two men to have overwhelmed an English man.

“They’re too small! He’s too big!”

He explained.

The two men are quite small. I had to agree with that. And they look like fairies. Not homicidal rapists. The police are being accused of making these two pansies scapegoats. It’s becoming a subject for cartoons and angry letters and is a horrid end to two young people on holiday.

If the Myanmar guys are innocent then they really should be released. Everybody keeps taking DNA and then losing it. This whole affair smells bad.

Time magazine rated the Koh as one of the best beach destinations in the world. Just a couple of weeks ago.

This murder/rape is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! Big time!

Hugh. Bangkok.


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