Thai Days: Sometimes I get lucky!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has just been instructed to go back to bed and rest by by beloved daughter. I wondered why. What nefarious schemes was she plotting? What motives? She explained that I’d got up early to make breakfast – right there! 5 30!

And that I should go and rest. I struggled. I had been planning to give her some homework but this wasn’t it.

What was her scheme?

It was tidying the house! My beloved daughter had decided to tidy the house with the help of Khun Mee and was concerned that if Khun Mee saw me in a room she would not wish to disturb me. And would avoid the room.

Not remotely sensible but I decided I didn’t give a damn! The idea of going back to bed was an offer I simply couldn’t refuse! I’m planning to stay there for as long as possible. They can clean every room in the house. Thoroughly. The roof needs a scrubbing! Just stay out of my bedroom! I am simply following orders!And sometimes I get lucky! Today’s my day! Cheers from Bangkok! Hugh



Cheers! Hugh from Bangkok

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