Thai Days: Monitor, pirates, this and that


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has an underserved reputation for rescuing wild animals. People have brought me injured creatures and they have in some cases made it back but when it comes to birds I have very little to be proud of. The young ones hang on for some time then die despite my best efforts.

Chang brought me a hawk that had decided to slam into the eight or nine floor window of Bangkok Hospital, break its leg, stun itself and tumble. The hawk ended up here in a kangaroo rat cage.

Read on!

From: Hugh Paxton []
Sent: Sunday, October 19, 2014 11:16 PM

Our hawk flew – at high speed – straight out of our kangaroo rat cage and straight into the car. Some hawks don’t seem to learn!

The kangaroo rat was pleased to see it go. There’d been quite a lot of pecking action. We searched today to see if it had broken its other leg but the bird had flown which was a blessing. If it hadn’t, its pecking would not have availed it. There was a peck-proof predator on the prowl.

I shall explain!

This morning I heard Buggly the beagle making its alarm calls. These differ from the foul hound’s customary irritating and brainless yaps and barks.

Alarm in this case was justly deserved. There was a HUGE monitor lizard inspecting our front garden with special focus on Buggly and the kangaroo rat. The cat, which after its recent skirmish with the pit viper, fancies itself as the valiant protector of Number 57, Thai Village, rushed to Buggly’s aid and I thought “You are one seriously stupid cat! It’s nearly eight feet long! Well, perhaps six feet! But this is not going to be a contest.”

It was a dilemma! What I wanted was a photo. And the cat to show a scrap of common sense. And the monitor to stay on our property. I also wanted my beloved daughter, Annabel, to see it.

I played this one wrong.

I should have let the monitor kill the cat and the pestilential dog and while that was going on should have got my camera and roused Annabel from her stupor. Instead I started yelling “Annabel! Monitor! Treats you come here! In! Leave off! Stand down!”

The monitor gave me a hard stare and then decided it had eaten enough of my goldfish and didn’t need a cat, rat or cowardly dog for dessert and a yelling Hugh. It ignored my “I’m not yelling at you! You stupid lizard! I’m yelling at my cat! Don’t go! I’ve got a rabbit, it’s fat and juicy!” It cleared off, destination shrine pond island.

Hope all’s well with you dear readers! And I’m sorry I can’t supply you with a photo of our monitor. But I’ve still got some goldfish left. And a cat. And a rat. And a dog. And a rabbit. He’ll be back!

Everything fairly fine here. My esteemed wife Midori off to Jakarta at 5 AM tomorrow. The new president is being inaugurated so the roads to her hotel are closed for military parades and one of her conferences has being cancelled for security reasons. She’ll find a way around this nationally important inconvenience.

I’m organizing Halloween festivities for what remains of Thai Village then it’s HK for four nights with Quentin (who has just recovered his ship captured by pirates off Viet Nam – his ships are always being captured by pirates or sinking or crashing into New Orleans which makes life for a ship insurance man interesting but not bland), Glenda and their daughter. I want Annabel to see the Peak, Star ferry, the harbor, the boats, the ships (particularly if they are being attacked by pirates, and if Quentin and the West of England company are involved is quite probable!) markets (and we’ll probably end up sitting in a revolving tea cup in Disneyland). Midi’s with us for just one night in Hongkers then its Mongolia for her and camel hair socks. I believe the temperatures will be brisk and very un-Bangkok!


Hugh, Bangkok

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