Thai Days: School burners busted


Hugh Paxton’s Blog found the school burning by Islamic insurgents in Thailand’s deep south foul. The arsonists have been caught. They are about to reap the whirl wind. And if they are found dead before trial then they will be lucky little terrorists. If nobody kills them it’s a very long time, a very long time, in jail. One of the children wasn’t complaining. She was missing her school. Her kit. Her books. Her friends. Her sense of stability. Her safety.

The Islamic militants have torn that away from her.

They’ve smashed her school. She’s small. Her world isn’t something she can trust.

Several people tried to kill me when I was small and it has shaped my perceptions of Islamic militants. I hate them.

The six suspects are in custody. The schools will be restored.

The Islamists? Whether they are beaten to death tonight (while you read this) or are bloody lucky and make it to court, their lives are over. Why burn schools you fools!


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