Thai Days: Oh Gawd! A dismembered Japanese!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog woke early and there it was. 5 police up to their chests or waists in a canal with a bag containing part of an elderly Japanese man ( Yoshinori Shimato, 79) who had been chopped into pieces and discarded in a canal.

Thailand has just been rated the third most favoured expat destination in Asia and the seventh globally(Switzerland came number one, quite why I know not). The survey was conducted by 2014 Expat Explorer. They have posted all their stats on the web.

Thailand is still a big draw for tourists. Why not? It’s cheap, friendly, great food…I’ve said all this before and I stick by my words. But it is, just from time to time, a trifle lethal. This Japanese chap came a cropper courtesy of his wife. She dunnit.

The Koh Tao murders of two young Brits remains unresolved and is a bit of a quagmire. The two men arrested have claimed they didn’t dunnit and were kicked about by the Thai police to force a confession. DNA has gone missing. Some people think they were too small to have overwhelmed a large white guy. My wife observed that, if they had weapons, size wouldn’t matter.

Who knows. I don’t. The police think they do. Human Rights people are getting involved. The British police. Koh Tao is a hideous national embarrassment.

This Japanese murder and hacking up is likely to further tarnish Thailand’s reputation as The Land of Smiles but it was just a domestic dispute that got out of hand.

That’s all. Don’t let this sort of thing put you off visiting. Cheers from Bangkok! Hugh


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