People setting themselves on fire


Hugh Paxtons Blog was prompted to write this post by two Japanese men. Yesterday while I was fooling around with trivia; the rabbit cage couldn’t stop the rabbit escaping, people who owed me money weren’t in a position to pay it back, my sweet peas had dwindled, my daughter was bored…

While this Hugh Paxton activity was ongoing, one Japanese was making a plan.

He was going to set fire to himself then jump off a tall building in Bangkok.

We fixed the rabbit cage. He jumped off a building on fire.

I call that inconsiderate. He could have landed on somebody.

He didn’t.

This sort of activity brought to mind the fiery death of the father of my wife’s sister. He was a mild mannered sort of fellow and wanted to be my friend. He was a communist. I hate communists. But I liked this one. He’d lost interest and belief. If I had had time I might have even saved him.

He opted for watching sunrise from a cliff top in northern Japan. He drank sake. He set himself on fire. Then his friend chopped his head off with a samurai sword. Off he toppled. Into the sea.

And that was the end of that.

I was surprised to hear the news. And when I told my people in England they didn’t really believe it possible.

They thought Hugh is telling stories.

They were right.

True stories.

Setting fire to yourself? What an appalling option! In Tibet quite regular. Doesn’t change a damn thing!

Hugh Paxton’s Blog Advice: Don’t set fire to yourself.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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