Thai Days: A diminished Halloween


Hugh Paxton’s Blog enjoyed Halloween in our Thai Village compound. People went to extraordinary lengths to turn their houses into expeditions into horror, shocks, loads of cool rubbish from Chinatown and candy. There were tricks and treats. The whole compound resounded to spooky music, shrieks, dancing lights, merriment.

This year will be a bit quieter. Half of Thai Village has been demolished. And half the occupants evicted at rather short notice. The property owner is building an office block, warehouse for his fashion magazine and an Amari hotel that will be filled with Arabs watching over ailing relatives in Bangkok Hospital.

The owner has no control over our place. This section of turf is owned by a relative who dislikes him intensely. But Halloween won’t be quite the same. Most of our neighbours are gone or going. Their houses are gone. We’ll do our bit! It won’t be bad. But it won’t be what it was. Times change, I guess. And money changes people. And Halloween.

Hugh in Bangkok

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