Thai Days: I can’t find anything!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog doesn’t want to become a grumpy old man but that’s where I’m going! The reason I’m going there is that everything keeps vanishing! I thought I’d wrap a few presents and send them. I had a happy smile! Nice cup of tea! And a bun!

Wrapping paper? Gone! Sellotape gone! I bought ten rolls two weeks ago! Scissors gone. I have bought four pairs!

I really enjoy buying presents and sending them. What really spoils this benevolent enterprise is being unable to find anything. I know our dog eats sellotape, I know my beloved daughter loses scissors, and I know my respected maid Khun Mee hides everything and loses it, too.

It really screws up my day! I put something where I want it to be and then it has either been broken or has levitated to a place I never intended!

I want to find my things! I want this random, anarchic mobility to stop! My pickles? Where the hell are they? My manuscripts? My socks?

A grumpy old Hugh

2 Responses to “Thai Days: I can’t find anything!”

  1. Jane Says:

    I know the feeling- maddening, and almost as though there’s a conspiracy against you! I’m having trouble sleeping tonight due to some superb ( but obviously detrimental to mental health) coffee brought here by our guest……will return to bed and hope you find all that you are looking for xxx

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      Haven’t found a damn thing, Jane, apart from Midi’s swimming goggles. Chewed to shreds by the vile dog. What really drives me barmy is that I don’t lose things! Mysterious forces do it for me! Then everybody asks me where they are!

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