INTERPOL holds first environmental crime training for Portuguese-speaking countries


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is delighted to forward this latest from INTERPOL. Countries that speak Portuguese are indeed hosts to criminal elements involved in wildlife and forest crimes. It really is time to clamp down on this dangerous behavior and eradicate it. As always, if you are aware of environmental crime, Hugh Paxton’s Blog strongly suggests that you collect as much evidence as you can without endangering yourself and your loved ones then forward it to INTERPOL in a coherent, precise format, ideally supported with photographs or documents that show proof of criminal misbehaviour.

Be the eyes and ears and police of our natural world and let INTERPOL know if things are going sour. They will catch the ball and run with it!

Everybody can help!

Kids (probably the best! You chaps are great explorers and spies and super heroes!), grandmothers (also the best, you have wisdom and have seen changes that are not encouraging), soldiers (come on guys, you are out and about!), shopkeepers/ businessmen, politicians (You are very important! Money may be the root of all evil but it can be the root of growth and success! Let’s not let money rot our planet’s future. )

Report environmental crime to INTERPOL. But please be sensible. If your neighbor is shooting rabbits that isn’t an environmental crime. If he’s selling rhino horn or has a room full of snow leopard pelts, catching rare frogs or is cutting down an ancient forest – that’s environmental crime.

Stay calm! Do your best! Do bear in mind that these criminals are nasty people and often have guns.

Best of luck!

Hugh in Bangkok


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Subject: INTERPOL holds first environmental crime training for Portuguese-speaking countries

Dear Colleagues,
Please find below the latest press release issued by INTERPOL. Other language versions will be published on the INTERPOL website as they become available.
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INTERPOL holds first environmental crime training for Portuguese-speaking countries

LISBON, Portugal – Identifying new threats and trends and tackling a range of environmental crimes were among the key areas addressed during a training course organized jointly by INTERPOL, the Portuguese National Guard and the Brazilian Federal Police for law enforcement in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

The five-day training course (6-10 October) brought together 25 participants from Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Portugal, and Sao Tomé and Principe. The aim was to develop and improve the research skills necessary to detect environmental crimes, and to promote the exchange of best practices and knowledge among participating countries.

Training was provided by INTERPOL, the Portuguese National Guard, the Portuguese Prosecutor, the Brazilian Federal Police, the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry and the Portuguese Environment Agency.

“On behalf of the Portuguese National Guard, we were pleased to facilitate this training programme with INTERPOL, which brought together a prestigious team of international and national trainers and diverse learners to address the issues of the environment which are evident across the members of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries,” said Lt. Gen. Manuel Mateus Costa da Silva Couto of the Portuguese National Guard.

This was the first INTERPOL training event targeting Portuguese-speaking countries, as evidence has revealed that environmental crimes including wildlife trafficking and forest crimes are being conducted by transnational criminal networks in these regions. Future support will include cooperation programmes to combat cross-border environmental crime within the Portuguese language community.

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