Thai Days: Ebola Silliness


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is bored rigid with this Ebola thing. It’s West Africa, health workers, volunteers, kind people, primitive death rituals, washing the dead, monkey and ape hunting, and it isn’t romping around the world.

My daughter, this morning, informed me that Ebola was in Phuket.

Yes! She said.

No! I said. Annabel is a clever girl but doesn’t read newspapers or follow news.

I have picked up a cold from one of her infectious little friends. I noticed her watching me with alarm.

“Is your nose bleeding? Why do you have the tissue by your nose?”

“I don’t want to sneeze into your breakfast!”

Ebola! She thought I had it!

She was worried! Dear Gawd! And now there are a lot of travel bans and arguments and some idiot came on the TV saying that travel restrictions will damage tourism to West Africa. Who wants to go there at the best of times? If you want to meet Nigerians go to Paris. Or Venice.

I would suggest everybody calms down.

There are many more diseases to worry about and ebola is just a new kid on the block. If the West Africans hadn’t been killing and eating endangered primates they wouldn’t have this plague.

This is a self inflicted wound and perhaps they will stop poaching primates and raiding national parks. People learn when things go wrong.


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