Thai Days: Snakes!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog never kills snakes and encourages others to follow this Buddhist example! This morning I was feeling disgustingly lazy and was planning a snooze and listening to one of my Jeeves and Wooster cassettes. Chang arrived with an angry bag. Its occupant was a vigorous snake about a foot long. I have a snake book and Chang and I pored through it but nothing really matched. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is poisonous but that isn’t its fault. Current status? The snake is enjoying the hospitality and confinement of one of my destitute fish tanks and Chang has wrapped the container in string and strands of plastic.

I will try to take a photo but the procedure might be difficult to organise. It is aggressive and extremely swift. And yes, I fear venom might be its defensive asset.

We’ll make sure the snake is released in suitable habitat. If we can’t find any we’ll hang on to it until we can.

Good news on my neighbour’s boa escape. The snake was hiding in the drain.

No sign of any more white lipped pit vipers.

At a party on Sunday I was talking to a German about this and that and he started boasting about how he had run over a python four times and expressed amazement that the snake had lived. I found this Teutonic heroism utterly annoying! No reason to kill snakes!

Hugh (in Bangkok)

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