Thai Days: Loi Krathong and screwed up flights: A travel advisory!


Halloween is almost upon us but Hugh Paxton’s Blog, while scared of impending tricks and treats, is duty bound to inform you that more dreadful things lie ahead. Flight cancellations. Yup! Hard on the heels of Halloween is the Thai festival of Loi Krathong.

It is tremendous fun. You put together a tiny boat made of leaves and flowers and you add candles and float it off and away. With it go all your mistakes and bad luck. Mine is always overburdened!

It’s rather emotional watching the candle lights jostling for space on crowded waters. And I am happy to say the shameful laziness of using plastic instead of organic material as support for these mystic little fleets is becoming a thing of the past. Caused tremendous environmental problems down stream in times past! An Armada of good fortune plastic clogging the estuaries; and every polluting and sunken vessel covered in molten wax! What a mess!

But when it comes to the skies this festival still wreaks havoc. It’s great to watch! Flaming balloons rise high! Candles twinkle from delicate parachutes, rockets are fired, drugs wrapped in fireworks are launched over the walls of Bang Kwang prison destined for needy recipients by their gangster mates and air traffic is stalled.

It’s just too damn dangerous to land a plane. Those floating wind brushed floating lanterns!

112 flights have been cancelled. 96 domestic. 20 international. Or they have changed their departure and arrival times.

“The airlines facing disruption include Thai Airways which has cancelled 12 flights and delayed three, Air Asia which has cancelled 42 flights, and Bangkok Air with 12 cancelled and nine delayed flights among other airlines.”

Bangkok Post newspaper.

What goes up also comes down. Airport authorities are initiating clean up crews to remove all the detritus left when these lanterns and balloons return to earth. On their runways.

If you want to see these festivities, don’t fly in. Take a bus from Cambodia or hitch a lift from some bad-tempered Australian engineer leaving Lao.

Or be here.



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