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Andy Luck’s Wild Open Eye

November 28, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests you check Andy Luck’s WildOpenEye website for more stunning images. Why not buy a few? Not terribly expensive!

Make cards, calendars, posters, add amusing slogans. The racing coot is just itching to decorate bedroom walls though out the Western world!

There is so much that racing coot could be saying! Just google Andy Luck’s WildOpenEye and you’ll get a real taste!

Go for it! Get creative!



Douglas Preston Lincoln Child: Remarkable — Signed books from many authors

November 28, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog knew, the first time that I read one of their books, that these two chaps were special. The world is now clearly in agreement! I love seeing gifted writers thrive and soar and they are doing just that!

There aren’t any Barnes and Nobles in Thailand so I’ll have to imagine the festivities and sales and excitement.

Doug and Linc thank their readers. As a reader I’d prefer to thank Doug and Linc. They do the writing. All I do is enjoy myself reading.

Cheers from Bangkok!


From: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child []
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2014 10:35 AM
Subject: Remarkable — Signed books from many authors

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Greetings to our readers!

We don’t usually write to you about such things as "special holiday promotions," but one has come along so unique we thought we should pass on the news.

For three days — Friday, November 28 ("Black Friday") to Sunday, November 30 — Barnes and Noble will be selling autographed copies of our latest Pendergast novel, BLUE LABYRINTH, at their usual excellent price. (We signed these books a while ago but weren’t told what they were for.) And it’s not only our book that’s being given this special treatment: there will also be signed editions from such fantastic authors as David Baldacci, Donna Tartt, Anne Rice, Brad Meltzer, Dan Brown, and dozens more.

Not every store will carry signed copies, so we suggest you call ahead to check availability. Here is a website you can use to find your closest Barnes and Noble, as well as a list of the authors offering their signed books. (This is an in-store promotion only, good while supplies last.)

By the way, we wanted to let you know that BLUE LABYRINTH debuts at number 5 on the New York Times bestseller list.

We send you our warmest Thanksgiving Day wishes — and as long as we are on the subject of thanks, we both wanted to personally express our sincerest gratitude to you for your loyalty and support. It means a lot to us.


Doug & Linc

Painting by Pieter Claesz, Dutch, Stilleven met kalkoenpastei ("Still Life with Turkey Pie,") 1627

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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child | P.O. Box 162 | Convent Station | NJ | 07961

Thai Days: BBC Bimbos

November 27, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has just watched another ridiculous BBC slot covering Thailand’s military coup. For a ‘creative’ and wannabe front line journalist, Thailand is perfect. It isn’t dangerous, the food and accommodation is excellent, the heroic journo can come and go at will. It’s a cake walk.

The major problem facing the journalist is that there is no story. Or not the story they would like to tell.

Military coup. Sounds sinister. Here it isn’t. This isn’t desperate conflict journalism. There are arrests – a bunch of top rank police have just been slung into custody for running a formidable organized crime ring – but Bangkok isn’t a city with tanks on the streets and sandbags sprouting machinegun muzzles. For an adrenalin junkie journo or ambulance chaser there really is nothing here.

That’s why they don’t come. Instead we get a bunch of female bimbos with shrewd suspicious expressions and fatuous reports on how a bunch of spotty students are using the three fingered salute from The Hunger Games movie to demand democracy. I call that cutting edge!

Or, as was the case this morning, to stand on a Phuket beach backed by swarms of happy tourists and say things like “Tourism is suffering, down twenty percent from last year and things could get worse.”

Gimme a break! Tourism is fine.

There are serious stories needing attention in SE Asia. The Mekong Xayaburi dam project in Lao threatens the livelihoods of millions and the future of one of the world’s great rivers. I’ve not heard a peep from the BBC on this.

I’d suggest that covering this issue might involve some effort and discomfort. I’m not sure that the BBC bimbos are up for that. Standing on a beach, talking nonsense…so much easier.

Cheers from Bangkok!


Last weekend to watch the Origins Film and upcoming event on me

November 24, 2014

From Brigitte:

Pax – a movie worth watching!!!! please do.

love B

I can’t tell you how great it feels to spend four years of my life making a movie that’s going viral. We’ve had requests to have it translated into 18 languages thus far and have had over 125,000 social shares with almost 300,000 views of this FULL LENGTH movie in the first few days of the FREE SCREENING.

The significant of having a serious one hour forty minute movie do this is huge as most viral videos on Youtube are usually under 2-3 minutes and involve kittens.

If you have not seen the movie yet, this is your chance to watch it for free. We’ve extended the free screening window through the weekend due to popular demand as the 5 day Deep Dive free event is starting this Saturday night and there are still countless people trying to watch the movie before the event starts.

Find out why a movie about YOUR HEALTH and its connection with our PLANET’S HEALTH is touching so many lives and why so many people are going out of their way to share it with everyone they know.


Also, we have 36 extended interviews with the experts in the movie and several other key players in the space in a free event that starts on NOV 22nd which you don’t want to miss. We worked really hard to make this all happen and the intent is to HELP YOU and help your family while also making the world a cleaner, safer place to live in.

Enjoy the movie as soon as you can and please join us for the Deep Dive Event this weekend.


Pedram Shojai, OMD
Founder- Well.Org
Producer – Origins





Brigitte’s Pick: The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime

November 24, 2014

Hugh Paxtons Blog has been lucky enough to see many of these cities. Id say that this ambitious list has got some right and some wrong. But the list idea is a good one.

Cheers from Bangkok!



Kind regards

Brigitte Alpers

6 Trift Street, Ausspannplatz

PO Box 9665, Windhoek, Namibia


New post A Race for Vietnam’s Wildlife: the 2014 Song Hong Hal f Marathon

November 20, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that if you are in Vietnam and feeling fit you could run for their (wild) lives!

From: Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye []
Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2014 10:28 PM
Subject: [New post] A Race for Vietnam’s Wildlife: the 2014 Song Hong Half Marathon

wildopeneye posted: "2014 Song Hong Half Marathon – A Race for Vietnam’s Wildlife On December 7th 2014, runners from Vietnam and a number of other countries around the world will join together in Hanoi and “race for Vietnam’s wildlife” in the 2014 Song Hong Half Marathon"

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New post on Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye


A Race for Vietnam’s Wildlife: the 2014 Song Hong Half Marathon

by wildopeneye

2014 Song Hong Half Marathon – A Race for Vietnam’s Wildlife

Song Hong Half Marathon, Race For Wildlife front runners in 2013

Front runners in the 2013 Song Hong Half Marathon, Race For Wildlife

On December 7th 2014, runners from Vietnam and a number of other countries around the world will join together in Hanoi and “race for Vietnam’s wildlife” in the 2014 Song Hong Half Marathon. (ENV Press release November 18, 2014)

Song Hong Half Marathon, Race For Wildlife 2014 logo

Song Hong Half Marathon, Race For Wildlife Decemebr 7th 2014

The annual marathon is expected to attract hundreds of runners of all levels and abilities with proceeds generated from the race going to support Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV), a local organization and leader in efforts to combat the illegal hunting and trade of wildlife in Vietnam.
“This year will not just be about participants having fun and running the 21km, 10km or 5km race,” says Pablo Garcia, Event manager of the 2014 Song Hong Half Marathon. “The 2014 marathon will also contribute to the important cause of protecting wildlife by helping to raise awareness about the threats to Vietnam’s wildlife and encouraging the public not to consume foods or medicines made from wildlife.”

The exciting street running event will take place amongst the safe and tranquil streets of the Ciputra estate and the picturesque shores of West Lake in Hanoi, early in the morning on Sunday 7th December. As in previous years, there are several different distances for runners to choose from, and a kids’ fun run will also be included. Last year’s event attracted a fantastic 357 entries across all categories, and this year both the Red River Runners and ENV hope for even more participants, particularly amongst Hanoi residents.

The goal this year is to increase the number of runners to more than 500 and raise more than 5,000 USD to help protect Vietnam’s Wildlife. ENV will co-host the marathon to help promote the race amongst the Vietnamese and international communities in Hanoi, and will also provide volunteers the day of the marathon to help guide the runners around the course. Vietnam is home to many endangered species which are under serious threat as a result of the illegal wildlife trade.

Funds raised by the race will go to support ENV’s essential work in three key areas: reducing demand for wildlife products through innovative public events and media campaigns; engaging the public in reporting wildlife crime and strengthening law enforcement efforts; and advocating improvements in law and policy aimed at strengthening legal protection for wildlife.

If you wish to participate in the 2014 Song Hong half marathon or any of the other distance races, please register online at

Important race information is updated at

More details about The Race for Vietnam’s Wildlife 2014 can be found at
The Song Hong Half Marathon gratefully acknowledges Ciputra Hanoi, the Elite Fitness Center, Super Sports, CBRE, UNIS, OHL, Vietnam Mountain Marathon, Salomon, Click Space, DK Engineering, the Family Medical Practice Hospital, Rent a Bike and Viet Climb as sponsors for the event, as well as the Word magazine for assistance in publicizing and promoting the event.
For further information, please contact: Ms. Van Anh Nguyen Communication Manager Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) Address: Block 17T5, Room 1701, Hoang Dao Thuy str., Hanoi Tel: 04 6281 5424 Mobile: 0905 836 386 Email: vananhnguyen.env
About Song Hong Half Marathon and the Red River Runners
The Song Hong Half Marathon is a non-profit event organized by the Hanoi Red River Runners, a volunteer-led running club. The Red River Runners meet every Saturday Afternoon to run through the fields and suburbs skirting the Red River in Hanoi and every Wednesday Night for Speed Training in the West Lake, and on occasion also host time trial events.
About Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV)
Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) was established in 2000 as Vietnam’s first non-governmental organization focused on the conservation of nature and protection of the environment. ENV’s focus on reducing consumer demand for wildlife through awareness raising activities, along with active support for law enforcement through crime reduction campaigns and operation of a free Wildlife Crime Hotline through which the public can report crimes, has already made great strides forward in the battle to protect wildlife.

Find more at ENV’s:


wildopeneye | 19/11/2014 at 3:26 pm | Categories: Conservation, Illegal Wildlife Trade | URL:

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From Charles:: Sony World Photography Awards . Worth a punt.

November 20, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has received this from my brother, Charles. As he suggests, if you are a photographer, it’s worth a punt!

Over to Charles!

Hello Hugh,

This seems worth trying for!

Love from us

Charles Paxton

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Subject: 5 Reasons to Stop What You’re Doing and…

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WPO - World Photoraphy Organisation WPO - World Photoraphy Organisation
© Christoph von Toggenburg, Switzerland, Entry, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards
Enter the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

We want to elevate your photography to the next level by:

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Sydney World Parks Congress: A small world – my wife with Namibian colleagues from her previous stamping grounds.

November 18, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog forwards a few snaps from the ongoing World Parks Congress. All apparently is going well!

New post IUCN World Parks Congress: Panel Explores The Nat ure of Wildlife Crime – the extent and impacts of illegal trade

November 18, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog doesn’t wish to become a wildlife crime bore but it is a topic very much currently discussed. My esteemed wife is currently making presentations on the issue in Sydney. What is going on down under is briefly explained in the following Wild Open Eye Post.

From: Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye []
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 5:49 AM
Subject: [New post] IUCN World Parks Congress: Panel Explores The Nature of Wildlife Crime – the extent and impacts of illegal trade

wildopeneye posted: " Wildopeneye urges everyone interested in Wildlife Crime to watch the Google Video feed from IUCN World Parks Congress in Australia. The scale of the problem is immense. We’ve lost 50% of our species on the planet in the last 40 years according to WWF."

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New post on Wild Open Eye – Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye


IUCN World Parks Congress: Panel Explores The Nature of Wildlife Crime – the extent and impacts of illegal trade

by wildopeneye

Part of The Thin Green Line, Rangers patrolling the Irrawady Delta, Myanmar

Part of The Thin Green Line, Rangers patrolling the Irrawady Delta, Myanmar

Wildopeneye urges everyone interested in Wildlife Crime to watch the Google Video feed from IUCN World Parks Congress in Australia. The scale of the problem is immense. We’ve lost 50% of our species on the planet in the last 40 years according to WWF. This is what E.O.Wilson called The Sixth Great Extinction. Things have to change. The panel represents a wide range of experts from key organisations involved in combating wildlife crime.

Dugong and turtle poaching in Australia, South East Asian Rosewood and other timber, Gabon’s elephants, South Africa and Sumatra’s rhinos are just some of the important representative topics raised here by the panel members in World Leaders’ Dialogues for November 17th, and more effective response to these crimes across the whole supply chain is declared from working with the local communities in conservation, environmental education at the consumer end, to supporting the ‘Thin Green Line’ of rangers at the "pointy end of conservation", many in need of the most basic supplies and equipment to combat well-armed, organised criminal syndicates involved in illegal wildlife, human, drugs and arms trafficking.

An excellent outcome of this increased focus on Transnational Wildlife and Forest Crime is the whole-hearted participation of Police and Border Defence Agencies. Interpol’s adoption of a new Resolution on Wildlife Crime is very encouraging.


It is apparent that Transnational Wildlife and Forest Crime is seen as having national and international security implications and the call for the World’s system of protected areas to be involved in new more effective partnerships with non-profit organisations and security agencies in strengthened efforts for conserving natural heritage is an important one.

We heard bad news from Gabon: 70% loss of forest elephants due to poaching in the past decade and good news from Nepal 0% poaching of tigers poached recently.

We heard the need for:

· Local community involvement. Indigenous rangers and empowered community custodians

· Demand and supply reduction. Different strategies to interrupt traditional and new use of wildlife and undermining wider social acceptability of illegal practices- replacement of wildlife products with other social status symbols

· Political support

· Combating corruption

· Better respect, and practical support for the Rangers in terms of training and equipment and proper support for widows and orphans. Celebration of Wildlife Heroes. Conservation champions supported with political will.

· Sharing of intelligence, intelligence-led enforcement

· Capacity building

· Cross-agency / Inter-agency support. Effective coordination.

· Improved legal livelihood options through devolution of management rightsand promotion of sustainable trade

· Different messaging methods to persuade the unconverted.

· Integrated, cross-ministry support, embedded training for Police and Customs officers.

· Harness the same crime-fighting technology in Wildlife Crime as is used against narcotics, gun and human trafficking and techniques such as ‘controlled delivery’.

· Prevention of ivory laundering from domestic markets. Regulated domestic trade has encouraged demand and led to EIA finding , that according to traders’ perceptions in China that up to 90% of ivory in the market place there is perceived as illegal.

Sean Willmore spoke passionately about the need for better Ranger support. Currently President of the International Ranger Federation, with 64 associations on six continents he founded its charity arm, The Thin Green Line Foundation, supporting rangers across the world in anti-poaching conservation work and the widows and orphans of rangers killed in their line of duty – over 1,000 rangers have been killed in the past decade.

As examples of the difficulties Rangers face around the World he reported Indian Rangers buried alive by illegal loggers and that in Congo 50 Rangers serving to protect Hippopotamus came up against an army of 500 poachers with AK 47s, employing horrific terror tactics, they demonstratively tortured a captive Ranger to death. After seeing their colleague buried and his wife and children evicted from their home and school, the others are expected to go out the next day and risk all they have and love!

A lot of Rangers lack simple, basic equipment they need to to their jobs, mosquito nets and waterproofs. Yet there is some good news, Sean cites a case in Kenya where Masai Community Rangers have guarded over a considerable increase in the local lion population from 6 to 120. Community engagement is crucial, they’ve implemented incentive programmes, Predator Compensation Fund, Scholarship programme and Masai Olympics. They also received basic equipment. With increased respect there was self policing which reduced corruption.

We heard that Paul Allen donated $8 million to conduct a census survey of African Elephants. An audience-member from Botswana said that an aerial survey had found no freshly poached carcasses in his country and he quoted a local saying "God will judge the poachers, it’s up to us to arrange the meeting." The panel agreed with a suggestion from the floor that a public shame list would be useful for wildlife criminals.

I think it was a very useful forum. Greg Hunt will be talking with the Chinese soon about the issue. Going forward there is likely to be a congress devoted to Wildlife and Forest Crime as one speaker from the floor, the Director of The Saudi Arabian Wildlife Authority suggested, it is time that World leaders put Wildlife issues at the top of their list. They meet for political summits (like the current G20 Summit in Australia), they should meet for Wildlife too. Good idea.

wildopeneye | 17/11/2014 at 10:48 pm | Tags: Irrawady Delta, IUCN World Parks Congress in Australia, Myanmar, Rangers, Sean Willmore, The Thin Green Line, transnational wildlife and forest crime, World Leaders’ Dialogues | Categories: Forest Conservation, Illegal Wildlife Trade, Protected Areas | URL:

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INTERPOL seeks public assistance to locate environmental crime fugitives in global operation

November 18, 2014

Further to Hugh Paxton’s Blog’s previous post on wildlife crime – here are a few of the ugly mugs you should be keeping an eye open for. These are not pleasant or moral people and potentially dangerous. If you see them, know them, or know anything about their activities then pass the info on. If you are in a position of strength and decide to beat them to a bloody pulp and hurl what’s left into a pit toilet please record the hard evidence of mortality and pass it on. But INTERPOL is about the law and breaking the law is illegal! Enthusiasts are urged to exhibit restraint!

Eyes and ears ladies and gentlemen!

From: INTERPOL Environmental Security Sub-Directorate []
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2014 9:08 PM
Subject: INTERPOL seeks public assistance to locate environmental crime fugitives in global operation

Dear Colleagues,

Within the context of Operation INFRA-TERRA (International Fugitive Round Up and Arrest), INTERPOL is calling on the assistance of the public to identify and locate nine wanted individuals who are the subjects of INTERPOL Red Notices. Operation INFRA-TERRA was launched on 6 October and focuses on 139 fugitives wanted by 36 member countries for crimes and violations against the environment, including illegal fishing, wildlife trafficking, illegal trade and disposal of waste, illegal logging and trading in illicit ivory.

Please find attached our announcement. Profiles of the nine individuals can be found on the INFRA-TERRA webpage:

Best regards,

Estimados Colegas,

Bajo el marco de la operación INFRA-TERRA (redadas contra prófugos a nivel internacional), INTERPOL solicita la ayuda de los miembros del público para identificar y localizar el paradero de nueve prófugos, los cuales son sujetos de notificaciones rojas emitidas por INTERPOL. Esta operación fue iniciada el día 6 de octubre y se centra en 139 prófugos buscados por 36 países miembros por la comisión de delitos como por ejemplo la pesca ilegal, el tráfico de especies de flora y fauna silvestres, el comercio y el desecho ilegal de substancias peligrosas o que dañan la capa de ozono, la tala ilegal y/o el comercio ilícito de marfil.

Vea adjunto el anuncio de la operación INFRA TERRA. Se pueden encontrar perfiles de los nueve individuos en la página web de INFRA-TERRA:ófugos/Operación-INFRA-RED/Wanted-persons-Infra-Terra-2014


Chers collègues,

Dans le cadre de l’opération INFRA-TERRA, INTERPOL sollicite l’aide du public afin d’identifier et de localiser neufs personnes recherchées qui sont les sujets de notices rouges INTERPOL. L’organisation mondiale de police a lancé l’opération INFRA-TERRA le 6 octobre, ciblant 139 malfaiteurs en fuite recherchés par 36 pays membres pour des infractions comprenant, entre autres, la pêche illégale, le trafic d’espèces sauvages, le commerce et le déversement illégaux de déchets, l’exploitation illégale de bois et le commerce illégal d’ivoire.

Veuillez trouver ci-jointe l’annonce du lancement de l’opération. Les profiles des neufs individus sont disponibles sur la page web INFRA-TERRA :


Environmental Crime Programme
Environmental Security Sub-Directorate

INTERPOL General Secretariat
200 Quai Charles de Gaulle
69006 Lyon, France

To unsubscribe from the INTERPOL Environmental Security news feed, please contact us at environmentalcrime.

2014.11.17 – EN – INTERPOL seeks public assistance to locate environmental crime fugitives in global operation.pdf

2014.11.17 – ES – INTERPOL solicita la ayuda de los ciudadanos para localizar a profugos autores de delitos contra el medio a.pdf