The Quintessential Pendergast Novel?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog stands in awe of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child! Another book! Prolific! And consistently good! I love books and am severe. The lousy ones receive rough treatment. I hurl them away. If, by chapter two, I am annoyed and bored and don’t like the writing the book is – yes – hurled through the window. It’s cruel. Somebody spent a lot of time writing it. But through the window the sad and sorry books go. Then my dog eats them. And has indigestion.

Preston and Child really grab me. They aren’t just writers, they are do-ers (if that’s a word). They do things! They ride through deserts, curate museums, listen and learn and communicate. And they answer emails. They stay in touch with readers. This is wholesome! And other authors should learn by example!

Have a crack at their latest!

A book worth buying! And a post worth reading!

Over to them! Doug and Linc! An excellent combination! Valued!

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Greetings to our friends and readers,

Our next Agent Pendergast novel, BLUE LABYRINTH, goes on sale Tuesday, November 11. Since this book is very special to both of us, we’re going to do something unusual: use this newsletter to speak to you in our own voices, briefly, about our feelings for the story.


I believe BLUE LABYRINTH is unique for several reasons. Apart from any merits the narrative itself might have, the book seems to me a capstone of all that has gone before in the Pendergast universe. We’ve brought things full circle. BLUE LABYRINTH sees Pendergast being menaced by, in essence, a horrific crime that one of his ancestors committed. To tell the story, we have brought in characters, referenced events, from just about every Pendergast tale we’ve written…as far back, in fact, as RELIC. People who’ve read it say this makes for an incredibly rich, multifaceted, and satisfying story. And it was a dream to write. It’s certainly not the final Pendergast novel — we’re already hard at work on another — but it just might be the quintessential one. Oh, and I’m delighted to say that Constance Greene really comes into her own here: in a way that only she could…


Sometimes a story really clicks. It’s like peering with a loupe into a rough diamond and finding, to your astonishment, that it is flawless. That isn’t to say BLUE LABYRINTH is a perfect book! But the story seemed to unfold in a way that was so natural — and yet so inexorable and horrifying — that the end result is a novel that I, personally, feel may be one of our very best. It was a pure pleasure to write BLUE LABYRINTH, an experience that was rewarding, satisfying, and at times electrifying. Every morning, I could hardly wait to shut myself up in my little writing shack in the Maine woods to work on it. I am especially pleased with the settings — the Museum’s human skeleton collection area; the ruins of a resort on the shores of California’s Salton Sea; a grim favela in the hills of Rio de Janeiro; and the glittering greenhouses of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. BLUE LABYRINTH pulls no punches. It’s not a novel for the faint of heart. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

A special opportunity for our subscribers

We realize that many of you may be justifiably disappointed we don’t tour more widely. We share your disappointment, as we love meeting our readers and signing books. As the next best thing, we have arranged to offer autographed books to all our readers through the Poisoned Pen bookstore. These are first edition, hardcover copies, and they are available at the normal retail price, plus the cost of packing and shipping. We will personally sign and inscribe each book, according to your wishes.

You can order your copy here.

As you check out at the website, please write your desired inscription (to yourself, or to someone else if it is a gift) in the box labeled "Instructions". (Please keep the inscription short, because there isn’t much space on the book’s title page!) You can also order the book by phone at 888-560-9919 during normal business hours.

Please order by November 9, to give us time to sign and inscribe the books by November 11. They will be shipped to arrive before Christmas. There are about 1,200 books available for this purpose, so if you do want a copy it would be best to order sooner rather than later. We hope this will, in a small way, make up for our limited touring for BLUE LABYRINTH.

We thank you again for being a loyal and supportive reader!

With warm regards,

Doug & Linc

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