Thai Days: Learning curve:


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has a daughter who rather rashly kicked in my front door’s glass window. The window has been repaired. Her foot is mending. But she has time on her hands. Thanks to her foot. This selfie is something she has done while waiting to resume playing football. She has currently hobbled and hopped over to Rita’s house where she is learning how to make puff pastry and bake bread. Rita’s one of the ‘tough love’ brigade. My beloved daughter will learn how to bake whether she likes it or not.

It’s all about the learning curve!

Smash glass, injure yourself, inflict hideous hospital bills on your parents, cause considerable inconvenience, become incapable of playing football (and forget the basketball tourney) and where does the learning curve lead? Puff pastry lessons with a caring Fascist!

Last time she busts the front door I suspect.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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